FIFA 17 UT Mode Play Land Clearing Guide

The Network Problems About UT: Believe that many players on the EA server has a lot to complain, UT is not always connect. On the one hand, the EA does not build room in Asia; On the other hand is also due to the domestic broadband operators DNS, or jump due to too many paths. The solution is as follows: Change the broadband operators: with telecom or Unicom. Change the DNS: replace local DNS is: on the host or PC (DNS Pod) or (a friend is a southern telecom, before when connect the UT often wrong, change the DNS, connect smoothly.).Buy a V – P – N or S – S: the Great Wall broadband or Dr Peng, if EA continues  can not get a connection ,buy a V – P – N or S – S. Don’t looking for free, that can’t use. Try some user self-built DNS, contribute to the EA server connection, can Google search.fifa 17 points

Before the formal start, first of all need you to keep in mind: “UT principles: any time, in any case, don’t use UT gold card!”Which players you want, directly in the market to buy, don’t use UT gold card. Really want a card, please use the FIFA points. Bear in mind that this criterion.

First : Use the Buy FIFA 17 Coins Web App. Please use the FIFA17 Web App to open your new UT. Web App open time may be in September 17 or 18. If you played before UT mode, you can’t miss it. When you log in for the first time, you will receive a “return to the player package”, to reward your loyalty to FIFA UT. Loyalty is higher (the higher the EA account level), the higher the value of the package (of course there’s going to be a limit). You can also receive “UT the initial package”, contains player and other goods, a total of 30, which can be used to build the most basic UT team.

After you open the package, ordinary players can sell all transactions and goods, all with gold, used for trading. First player or the price of the goods is not high, suggested keep several best-selling first-class player in history, such as: England, melon and Claudio Marchisio, sterling, Lin Sturridge, palmer, walker, Liverpool Mann, Bo Rasch, strong on the European Portuguese starlet Sanchez (hot) and so on. If there is an opportunity, it sure would be nice to find Zlatan Ibrahimovi.

The price of these players at the beginning of the UT will increase, and then fell in FIFA17 formally a few days after the sale, and leveled off, should seize opportunity, so in a timely manner. If gold held by the few, keep several useful silver card (with speed, five star SM, super strong, Gabriel Agbonlahor, for example), or directly keep silver or copper card players in the premiership, premier league player needs is always the most.

FIFA17 after launch, EA will for some time to send a gift bag, daily random players, items or gold COINS. Average players and item, if you would deal to sell, in exchange for gold to trade or investment. Can log in the Web App or mobile phone App to receive.

At the beginning of the game, especially a web app just open a few days ago, that card can really make you in a short period of time to earn more gold COINS. But still that sentence, don’t use UT gold card. Really want to smoke, please use the FIFA points. With UT gold card, opened a good player of average probability is very low, and it requires persistent: namely you deposit a large sum of gold COINS, continue to open the package effect, than you smoke once today, tomorrow to take a good effect. But these are not equal to with FIFA points that card, you give money to EA directly, absolutely must be high percentage of good players.

Second : Use EA member (Early EA & Origin Access).Xbox One and PC platforms can buy EA member (EA Access), 10 hours to start the game ahead of time. Suggest using the 10 hours to earn gold COINS to play and then use the gold COINS.

Third :Official EA props. Use your EA account points (EASFC) in EA store to buy items: Gold ascension props (FUT Coin Reward Boost) after each game gold COINS. Bonus to buy high level, the first gold more. Suggest to buy one, finished with a buy another. Appeared before a buy all over, but I can’t plus or less and some gold COINS. The members cooperate with EA, the game works best 10 hours in advance. Transfer quota increased tool, increased from 30 to 100, help deal. Transfer target increase tool. All kinds of soccer jerseys, can be used for trading.

Generally speaking, the price is more than 500 gold players, the game after launch, the short term prices will increase sharply, consumables, too. So principle is as much as possible of sold the players don’t need or item into gold, and then in the trading market reached.

Pokemon Go has lost about a third of the players by serverissues and attacks from hackers

Pokemon Go has finally issued another update – and it doesn’t do a great deal.The app was once the biggest thing in the world but has over the last month settled to just become very big indeed. At the game’s peak, 45 million people were playing it each day, but that has since dropped to 30 million – partly driven by a natural drop off but also reflective of the problems the game has been hit by.

Now the company has issued yet another update intended at addressing problems with the game as well as adding new features.

The primary change – and the only one obvious to players of the game – is the addition of a new “appraisal” feature, intended to let people understand more about the Pokemon that they catch.

The tool lets anyone highlight a specific Pokemon and find out about its strengths and weaknesses, so that it can be used more effectively in gyms. It’s accessed by heading to the Pokemon’s page and clicking the round button in the lower right corner of the screen, and choosing the “Appraisal” option.

But the update doesn’t bring any other changes to the game. All the notes mention is that the developers
“are still working hard on several new and exciting features to come in the future of.

Giving such an update is very rare in update notes or changelogs – which are traditionally used to say what has been altered in a game, not what is going to be. It likely points to the dissatisfaction that many players have with the developers, with players complaining that updates to the game are minimal, developers say little about what they have planned, and that most of the changes appear intent on kicking trainers off the service.

The update notes also say that the game has received “Minor bot fixes”.

The Pokemon Go website is careful to warn players not to get distracted

But a Brooklyn player’s cell phone is the only casualty when this guy takes a brief dive.

The Pokemon Go website is careful to warn players not to get distracted, saying, “For safety’s sake, never play Pokemon Go when you’re on your bike, driving a car, riding a hoverboard or anything else where you should be paying attention.”

Maybe the site should add “while walking anywhere near a body of water.” One Brooklyn player intent on the game found that out the hard way early Tuesday. He explains it in his YouTube video, and it’s pretty simple. “I was in Prospect Park walking towards a lure….I fell into a pond.” (Video contains swearing, but then, wouldn’t you swear if you suddenly fell into a pond?)

The player’s at least kept a good attitude about it, explaining to a YouTube commenter how he live-streamed his splash to both YouTube and Twitch. “With both mediums going at once, I was able to have plenty of people watch me fall into a lake.”

In an email, he provided a few more details. “In terms of the actual fall, the reason I wasn’t able to see the pond was because it was extremely dark and the pond was covered in moss,” he explained. “At midnight in Prospect Park, a moss-filled pond and a grassy area look the same.”

He’s physically OK, but his phone is a little worse for meeting up with the water. “It actually stayed on for about a minute after I fell in, then turned off,” he said. “After being in rice for (about) 5 hours, I was able to plug it in and turn it on but the charge wasn’t holding and some of the buttons weren’t working. I put it back in the rice and will be trying it again tonight!” Hey, maybe the phone wanted a Pokemon break anyway.