Buy good fifa 18 defender Mattia De Sciglio with no transfer fee

How to build a powerful team in FIFA 18 Coins? The answer is only- buy powerful players. But you know, even we know all the best players, we still have no money to buy them. So you need to use little money and but the most value players. You can buy players in the transfer market. Indirect negotiations, consulting the current scout and let him evaluate the player. The second is investigating the player by yourself,but not immediately have the results, you need to wait for several days. But if the player transfer fee beyond the club budget, then you can not buy. So it’s also important to have a good scout. Then you have more possibility to own a good players.

Sometimes you can buy good players with lower price in this situation. You don’t always need to pay a transfer fee to get players on your team. If you can snag a player whose contract is expiring, all you need to pay are his wages. To work, the player must have less than one year on his contract and must be 23 or older by the January transfer window. Just approach the player at this time and select ‘approach to sign on contract expiry’. Once he’s agreed your terms, he’ll join your team at the start of the next season.

Defender – Mattia De Sciglio
OVR: 76
Potential: 81
Age: 23
Club: Milan
Cost: £0
Wages: £50,000

Mattia De Sciglio has everything you need in a full back. He’s not only pacey but has 87 stamina too, so can bomb forward and track back all game long. Defensively he’s solid too. His tackling stats are almost in the 80s and his interceptions aren’t too far behind, so he can perform well at the back when needed. He’s also got a four star weak foot, so can play on either side of defence. Like Leali he has 81 potential but has a higher starting OVR, so should be well on his way to that after a season or so. His crossing is one of his better stats and should provide his teammates with plenty of dangerous opportunities when he gets forward.