NBA Live 18 Demo Shows 4 Most Disappointing Changes to Players

Street ball gameplay is one of most intriguing part of NBA 2K18, many players like it after trying the free demo, it’s totally new to all players and this novel ideo are beloved by crowd. Sure, there are also lots of other best things about the latest edition except for street ball gameplay. But, we need to admit that NBA 2K18 is not perfet one, there are some worst things which complained by audience. Now, we will talk about top 5 changes in NBA 2K18.

NBA Live 18 Demo: Animations


There are two ugly animations in the game, which have already caused an adverse effect on the whole game. For example, in a game, Kyrie Irving drove hard to the lane, and picked up a spoon while driving, unfortunately, he fallen down, but it was really surprised me that he emerged from the traffic accident intact, what a unbelievable thing ! it seemed that he had keeped a little distance with the ground deliberately, so that he could avoid getting injured.

I repeated playing this special video again and again in order to i haven’t made any mistake, though the screen was not smooth. The result shows that i’m right. It’s a fail design, i think. You can try this competition and see whether there is a problem or not.

NBA Live 18 Demo: Ball Physics


The ball physics during the one-on-one games are odd. The ball moves too slowly, and at times, it bounces in a way that isn’t consistent with the sport. The first dribble a player takes when he sprints often makes the ball look as if it’s on an invisible string. There were even a few instances that looked like the ball didn’t touch the floor before returning to the dribbler’s hand. These sequences made for some less-than-attractive plays.

NBA Live 18 Demo: Inconsistent Player Facial Renders


Sports games look so good these days that it’s hard to accept bad player renders. Many of NBA Live 18’s player renders are great, but there are some that aren’t good. The Golden State Warriors’Draymond Green (pictured above) is a perfect example.

This doesn’t look like a facial render for a game on this generation of consoles. Perhaps Green and others who aren’t as accurately rendered will be scanned or touched up for the retail version. Hopefully, that is the case. NBA Live 18’s competition is too stiff for visual inconsistencies.

NBA Live 18 Demo: Computer-controlled passing


It’s too easy to roam on defense without consequence against a CPU opponent. This is because ballhandlers on the perimeter seem to rarely pass the ball to cutters or flashers in the lane.

This is something that can likely be remedied with a patch prior to release, but unfortunately, some of the issues may not be fixable this year.

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Trove: Mining Tips For Different Levels Of Players

Mining to me has always been special, its the go to money maker for me. Its what allowed me to get and stay rich. Its how I obtained 42 on all classes. I did not “market” buy low sell high, nope, I earned everything.

Now im sharing how I make money with you guys so you too can make SL4 rings or craft portals, trade it, whatever. I made all of my own rings and I want others to have good rings too.
(if trove could add in a dragon bonus that increases lasermancy, I would be so happy)

I have 453LM? it’ll show in the video at the bottom. I mine so fast its hard to keep the beam focused on the ore sometimes, and I get other surrounding blocks, but thats ok, they have a sell value too!

Beginner Tips -

1. properly equipping. you’re going to want as much lasermancy as you can get, Ring, Hat, and ally can all rock lasermancy. Extra jump also helps for getting places, or reaching those in the wall veins., I’ve put it on my weapon as needed.


2. Head on over to uber 1. Always always always always, find a Dragon Peaks to mine in. If the Dragon Peaks you found doesn’t have a large underground mine then check your map for any other DP’s in the area and head there. If that one doesn’t have one either and theres no other DP’s on the map, head back to hub or a club and go up 1uber difficulty up and check a new Dragon Peaks. you can also mine out any ore you see along the way.

Intermediate Tips –

1. If you can afford to upgrade your lasermancy gear, do it.

2. if you can bomb or utilize dragons to clear out ore veins faster, do it. bombing is the fastest method however you can miss… or it eats away at some of your profits to make more bombs.

3. this is when you will start to divide up the map, instead of going for first ore you see to the next immediate ore. you will divide up the map and clear it out systemically. in a snake pattern up and down, or in a swirl pattern (the method i choose), by circling around the border and slowly working my way in.

This way you collect all ore in the fastest amount of time.

4. You may want to prioritize ore collecting, going after what you need or what is most valuable.

Primordial flame > Infinium > shapestone > formicite. this will give you the most value per ore, but if you’re like me, you mine everything anyway, its all got a sell value.

Advanced Tips -

1. Reduce travel time between ores and Dragon Peaks by boat jumping, or what I do, knight 1 ability, with max energy regen, it offers for speedy travel.

2. say in global chat “found large mine if anyone wants to mine with me” and get someone to mine for you, (I mean with you) and together your mining speed increases dramatically. With a small group, you almost feel negligible yourself!

3. you can either sell your boxes or open them in hopes for a diggsly, diggsly have a nice small chunk value, or even the ore you get is still useful.

you can also sell the block recepies you get if you have all of them like I do.

4. Megaminer emblem, it helps, but it also takes time to chug the potion and there are no cornerstones to refill from…. so its up to you to invest the 40k for it. i dont, i rock the gear instead. it would only add 200LM for me.

5. You may want to consider a different class to suit your needs, boomeranger can be useful for destroying blocks with free bombs. dracolyte can stand in lava and you dont need to worry about lava damage while mining.

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What A Fresh Look On NBA 2K18?

A New Engine

FIFA 17 looked really fresh thanks to the new Frostbite Engine and it seems that NBA 2K18 could use a similar facelift as well. Player and crowd movements just feel stale, so do the graphics and the animations.

There have been improvements in all of these departments, but they were not significant enough to warrant buying annual instances of the franchise, at least for the casual user.

NBA 2K enjoys a great following and complete lack of competition, so it’s understandable that 2K Games became a little bit lazy. A new engine would allow it to look even better.

Easier Trading For Superstars

In 2004 Vince Carter was traded to the New Jersey Nets for a sick Alonzo Mourning, Aaron Williams, Eric Williams and two first round picks. In 2013 the Nets were this time on the wrong side of the trade, as they got ageing Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for five players and three first round picks.

Good luck recreating these trades in MyGM!
The problem with trading in this mode is that it is impossible to get one player for three, let alone two for five and some picks. Granted, during the course of the season you’re able to do some interesting trades, but every time you’ve got to sacrifice a superstar for a superstar. That’s not always the case in the NBA.

Fix The Difficulty Levels

How many of you have witnessed it before: at Pro you’re winning by 20 points, usually crashing your opponents in the fourth quarter, whereas at All-Star you’re getting trashed and turn off the game with no desire of ending it?

This needs a serious upgrade in all of sports games, as it is happening in FIFA as well – going from 5:0 to 0:2 when stepping up just one level is just ridiculous.

Of course you can edit sliders and fit the game to your level, but ultimately, that just feels like cheating. And please, do something with reaching fouls while we’re at it! Not every steal attempt must end with a call, you know?

Fix Face Scanning

With face scanning available with your cell phone, the process should be much easier than with the PS camera, but it turned out to be more of the same. Scanning still took way too long and the results were rather disappointing, as the face creation tended to jam at some point and the process needed to start again.

Maybe it would be better to go with the old “attaching-your-picture-to-the-template-face” method? This would allow for a less frustrating and time-consuming way of appearing in the game. The face doesn’t have to be ideal, making it similar is good enough.

Madden 18: 10 Most Promising Rookies in Enthusiast’s Eyes

We all love Madden rookies. They’re new, fresh players we all look forward to playing with in the game. With the 2017 NFL Draft just hours away, we’ve been doing our homework here at trying to determine what the rookie players might look like when Madden 18 comes out in August. Here’s our 10 most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Leonard Fournette RB
Fournette made the list of top rookies to look forward to in Madden 18, but that was before his impressive performance at the NFL Combine. Everyone already knows about Fournette’s size and power, but he also showed off his speed as he ran a 40 time of 4.51 seconds.
That said, if you like to use a power running attack on offense, then you should certainly enjoy Leonard Fournette after Madden 18’s release. Fournette’s size, speed, and power attributes should all make him one of the more interesting Madden 18 rookies.

John Ross WR
Ross will likely be one of the first rookies you go check out after Madden 18 comes out this August. His record breaking 4.22 second 40 yard dash likely makes him one of the fastest, if not the fastest, players in Madden 18.
We’ll have to wait and see on Ross’s actual catching and route running ratings, but his speed should be at least a 95, if not higher. His speed alone makes John Ross one of the most interesting rookies in Madden 18.

Mitchell Trubisky QB
Trubisky is a top rated quarterback prospect, and lately there’s been talk he might go first overall to the Cleveland Browns.
That said, Trubisky ran an amazing 40 yard dash for a quarterback of his size. Carson Wentz ran a similar 40 yard dash for a sizeable quarterback, and his speed rating is in the 80’s. Trubisky also displayed decent arm strength during his college career, and that should serve him well in the Madden 18 ratings.
Trubisky is certainly one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies, and he’ll likely be one of the first rookies you’ll want to go check out in August.

Deshaun Watson QB
Of course Deshaun Watson has to make the list of most interesting Madden 18 rookies. The speedy Watson promises to be a dual threat quarterback. If nothing else, Watson will be a popular choice for those of you who enjoy running quarterbacks who can move the pocket and make mid range throws.

Myles Garrett DE
Garrett is likely to be the number one overall draft pick in the 2017 draft. His speed coupled with his agility and pass rushing ability make him an intriguing player in next year’s Madden. Most number one draft picks start out rated somewhere in the 75-79 overall rating, unless they just have stellar preseason performances that warrant a higher overall.
When the game is released in August, Garrett will definitely be one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Jabrill Peppers LB
Jabrill Peppers is listed as a LB on the NFL draft boards across the league. But Peppers can play a wide range of positions and his college highlights resemble those of Tyrann Mathieu’s. Peppers also had an amazing combine where he ran well, and impressed scouts.
It is possible that Peppers falls out of the first round in the 2017 draft, which would likely have a negative impact on his initial overall rating in Madden 18. Regardless, Peppers popularity and playmaking ability will make him one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Dalvin Cook RB
Rookie running backs are typically some of the first players that Madden lovers go check out. Well, you’ll definitely want to go check out Dalvin Cook when Madden 18 comes out.
Cook has all the tools to be one of the most versatile backs in the league, and in Madden. He can catch, juke, and run with power. Dalvin Cook had an impressive combine, and showed a lot of power in the bench press as he threw up 225 lbs. 19 times overall. That’s incredibly impressive given Cook’s size and stature. All of this makes Cook one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Solomon Thomas DE
If you watched the bowl game between UNC and Stanford, then you saw the way Solomon Thomas can absolutely wreck a game for opposing offenses. Thomas is an absolute beast with strong power moves.
Solomon Thomas is likely to get drafted pretty high, and should the second DE off the board behind Garrett, so the ratings should be fairly comparable between the two. Given Thomas’s size, power, and ability to rush the passer, he should definitely be one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Christian McCaffrey RB
“He is Madden ready,” Marshall Faulk said on NFL Network’s pre-draft coverage about Christian McCaffrey. And Faulk is likely to be dead on with that evaluation of the running back. McCaffrey’s catching ability will set him apart from Cook and Fournette when Madden 18 comes out this August.
McCaffrey is certain to be a first round pick in the draft, which will definitely mean good things for his overall rating. McCaffrey is a second generation player as his dad played wide receiver for the Broncos. All that together makes Christian McCaffrey one of the best prospects and most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Mike Williams WR
Williams was a beast in college and caught 14 touchdowns last season for the Clemson Tigers. Mike Williams has the size, speed, range, and hands to be the best wide receiver in this year’s draft.
Williams should also be the first wide out taken off the board, and that will definitely translate into a solid Madden rating. When Madden comes out this August, Williams will definitely be one of the most interesting rookies that you’ll want to go check out right away. His abilities just scream “Madden Beast” for many years to come.
That just about does it for our 10 most interesting Madden 18 rookies. Certainly, these aren’t all of the top rookies we’re all excited to see in Madden. Any that you think we may have missed? As always, feel free to comment below.
Also, be sure to sign up to be a Madden School Unlimited member today. You’ll get instant access to all of our ebooks. Take advantage today and brush up on your Madden game before Madden 18 comes out this August.

NBA Live 18: New Career Mode “The One” & Gameplay Details


After taking a year off – the fourth time in the last seven years that a game has failed to release – EA Sports is looking to earn some credibility back with NBA Live 18 this fall. At EA Play today the company revealed its big feature as a Career Mode called “The One” along with some gameplay details and the announcement of a free demo.

NBA LIVE 18 is all about player control, taking place where skill meets style. Every outcome is based on the actions you take, with mechanics that make every choice and twitch skill more impactful than ever before.

The One
This is how you play NBA LIVE 18! An all-new and dynamic career journey. Create your individual player identity and become a legend in The League and The Streets. Master your selected role and playstyle on the court along with unique signature abilities, traits, and gear. Level up your player as you drive to become and icon. Ever choice you make defines your rise to glory.

One-on-One Mechanic
Discover an array of game-changing moves and hundreds of fresh player signature styles, animations, and interactions at every position, with unprecedented one-on-one control and responsiveness.

Dribble System
On offense, use it to catch your defender out of position, and on defense, use the skill-based counter move to stay in front of the ballhandler to direct pace and tempo.

Real Player Movement
Delivers on-ball defense with control and responsiveness, letting you stay with the ball carrier and cut off the drive through skill-based timing windows.

In The Post
Be in position to control bigs and use size and strength to blow by your opponent, cut off the drive, protect the basket, or score down low.

On-Court Awareness
Experience rim-rattling dunks, smooth layups, and the pure physicality of player interactions within one-on-one gameplay around the basket, featuring an amazing amount of animation variety and signature finishes.

Physics-Based Transitions
With more animations than ever before, each baller in the game maintains realistic momentum throughout every matchup and every move. You’ll feel closer to real action than a front row seat.

A demo for NBA Live 18 will release in August with progress from that carrying over to the full game if purchased. While a demo generally is a sign of confidence, past ones for Live haven’t done much good for the series, even leading to the cancellation of what was to be known as NBA Elite 11 and failing to generate any interest in Live 16. For anyone to give Live 18 a chance though it’s a necessity to offer ways to play it first.

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Unknown Tips and Tricks in NHL 18

Okay, maybe you might know about some of these but there is a very good chance you don’t know about them all! I actually didn’t even know about the first one until a couple weeks ago and I’ve been playing the EA Sports’ NHL series for over a decade. No idea when that was added into the game but definitely a handy functionality to know.


Do you already know about them all? Perhaps I’m just a noob still ??

Control Last Player Back
How: Hold LT(L2) for a couple seconds
Ever been trying to swap to the last defender back while your opponent is on the rush and you seemingly swap to every player EXCEPT the one you want? Yeah you’re not alone. Simply hold LT(L2) and you will switch to the last player back.
This applies no matter where the puck is on the ice. If you don’t have possession of it and hold down the player switch button then it will swap to the player closest to your goalie.

Focus Camera on Your Player
How: Press “Select” button during play.
Most relevant when player locked(EASHL/OTP)
You can press select in order to focus the camera on your player instead of the puck. This is useful when you are playing a position that requires you to be away from the puck covering someone.

Become The Goalie
How: Hold LB(L1 on PS4) and A(X)
You will often see higher ranked players in Versus or HUT using this tactic to stop breakaways, you may already be using it yourself.
As you begin to play more skilled players you will realize that breakaways = instant goals against your AI goalie.
So the solution is to become the goalie yourself! This might sound scary, but just remember that it’s almost a guaranteed goal if you don’t so you might as well try it
You can do the diving poke check by pushing up on the left analog and pressing the X or Square button. I highly recommend going into the Goalie Practice mode before even attempting this just so you can get familiar with the basic goalie controls.
Another technique is the fake out. Become the goalie for a second to make them think you will dive out, but then swap back to a player letting the AI takeover goalie again. This can throw them off just enough to mess up their breakaway attempt.
The key here is to be unpredictable. Most scorers get right in close to the AI goalie to score, this is what makes the dive out so effective. With that said, if they figure out that you will always dive out then they will just wait for you to do it and pop it in the empty net so make sure you mix it up!
By the way, if you are allowing so many breakaways in a game that you actually need to try multiple goalie techniques on one opponent then you have bigger defensive issues to deal with! Make sure you check out our Defense Guide, if that’s the case.

Pull The Goalie(Without Pausing)
How: LB(L1) and “Select”
If you’re using “Hybrid” controls then it is LT and A(L2 and X)
You’re down by one late in the 3rd and just managed to get offensive zone control – great time to pull your goalie! Of course, pressing start would be a terrible idea in that situation so instead you can just press LB and “select” at the same time.

Slap Pass
How: Pull back the right analog stick for a slapshot then press the pass button(RT or R2). Make sure your left stick is pointing in the direction of the player you are wanting to deflect the pass.
*You don’t need to let go of the slapshot at the same time – continue holding the right stick back and just pass, that’s all there is to it! The pass can’t be powered up so don’t waste any time holding the pass button.
If it works then it will likely be one of the smoothest looking goals you’ll ever score in NHL 17! I recommend trying this during a 2 on 0 practice mode session first.

The Dump-in
How: Hold RB and press up on the right analog as if you were doing a normal shot. Use the left analog to point in the direction you want the dump-in to go.
The dump-in is a lot more commonly known tactic; however, it is extremely under utilized in the EA Sports NHL series. This makes me think many players aren’t aware how to do it or aren’t aware how effective it can be. Either way, I’m about to change that!
First, make sure you have fast players on the ice so they can get to the puck quick after you dump it in. Second, before dumping it, skate to one side of the ice to pull as many of your opponent’s defenders to that side as possible then dump it in the opposite side.
It will most likely be one of their players who get their first but you should be close enough behind them that you can just bump them off the puck then pass it out front for a quick one-timer or throw it around the boards to start a cycle.

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