WoW Classic: Bug Fixes, Buffs Loss, Auras Limit

WOW Classic Gold Following an extensive and challenging investigation Blizzard discovered three issues related to the limitations on the number of possible buffs and debuffs in WoW Classic. Bonus payout dig into old patches and so many more on the program. It’s fascinating !

This Wednesday September 18 2019 Blizzard has identified three problems related to the different limitations applied to the buffs and debuffs of WoW Classic. Highly disabling for players especially at a very high level of play the community has been instrumental in helping Blizzard in its research and this has been successful since the developers have found the source of the problems and will deploy a patch very soon. to correct them.
To summarize some players have found that some buffs disappear when applying global buffs or objects. Vanilla WOW Gold To overcome this problem players changed their builds of talent to grant only useful buffs and some classes were very disabled including Druids who could no longer use their healing spells over time … A heresy!

What’s more some players have reported losing bonuses to the chance to hit from armor pieces such as the famous Wyrmhide Spaulders. The problem is in fact related to set bonuses granting the same bonuses as the coins raised the set bonus replacing the bonus of the object in question only on the condition that the set is equipped after having equipped the problematic coin.

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WoW Classic: EU player with Sulfuras – according to guild leader no exploit

Vanilla WOW Gold Meanwhile the guild leader of the EU guild Senseless has commented in the comment section and denied the allegations. We have updated the message accordingly. Original: Sulfuras the hand of Ragnaros. One of Vanilla WoW’s most legendary items. A mace with which you can only smash your adversary if you are lucky and bring tons of materials over months. Months? Moment! How can it be that the first players are already running around with Sulfuras? For many players the case is clear: Layering exploits have been exploited!

Meanwhile the user has Mini-Senseless reported in the comment section of this message as a guild leader of the EU guild Senseless and voiced the allegations vehemently. Firstly the allegations are wrong that members of the guild were banned in the wake of the recent exploit punishment wave by Blizzard. On the other hand everything was done right with the production of Sulfuras: With good luck one had already received the eye of Sulfuras on the first visit from the Molten Core. The other materials were comparatively easy to farm for lack of competition or could be bought from other guilds the guild leader continues.
What supports the claims of the user is the fact that Blizzard officials have not punished the Sulfuras carrier although they certainly look very closely at all characters suspected of exploit exploitation due to various exploit incidents ,

This does not mean that there are no Legendary owners on WoW-Classic’s servers. cheap Vanilla WOW Gold Already on 17 September the player LongDD of the Chinese guild Old Boys namely Sulfuras hand of Ragnaros worried (via Icy Veins). A little later the EU player Kembria of Senseless posed with the iconic mace in his hand (via Wowhead).

But how can that be? Finally WoW Classic is barely a month old. In addition the eye of Sulfuras should fall only with a drop chance of 2 percent at Ragnaros. For the production of the Sulfuronhammer one needs again eight Sulfuronblöcke which drop only with Golemagg with a chance of 35 per cent. Let’s add the other materials needed to build the epic hammer (say the 50 arcanite bars that need to be transmuted with a two-day cooldown) even if it takes more than two or three weeks for the whole guild to tackle Of course you can buy materials that you have not even groomed yourself other guilds or players. But considering how few Raid IDs there have been and how many players have not even reached level 60 it seems very lucky – let’s say – happy that a guild already had access to the necessary Sulfuron blocks and all other materials. In principle almost the entire server must have worked together to make this possible. provide best guide for WOW Gold in the world. If you want to enhance your gameplay and squad rating just follow us.5% coupon:amvip

Sul’thraze is the new realm of WoW Classic for Brazilian players

Vanilla WOW Gold Until September 30th players will be able to migrate their characters to the Brazilian kingdom Sul’thraze for free. know more

In response to requests from Brazilian WoW Classic players the Brazilian kingdom Sul’thraze was created. It is a PvP server and a new option for playing with more players in Portuguese as well as escaping the queues of servers that are well populated in the classic version of World of Warcraft.
With the inauguration of the kingdom aimed at Brazilians cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold it is possible to transfer their characters for free to the new server until September 30. You can migrate in two ways: through the Shop -> Services menu (which is on the character selection screen) and the “Character Creation” button in the login queue if the server is currently full.

During migration the player will not be able to log in to the character (s) until the change is made. When done the characters are already listed on the server.

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