Blizzard announced today the removal of a few options for Game Time in WoW

World of Warcraft is Blizzard Entertainment’s flagship MMORPG and arguably its most popular product on the market. As an MMO, players have to pay a monthly subscription or purchase game time in blocks. There were quite a few options for buying World of Warcraft game time, but that’s all changed today — now, you can only buy game time in 60-day increments.

Announced via the forums (spotted by WoWHead), Blizzard announced the change after a review of their available services. The change only affects game time purchaseables and doesn’t affect subscriptions or WoW Tokens for World of Warcraft.

Via the forums post:

“We recently conducted a review on the available services in all currencies. Based on this, we have decided to alter the available Game Time options in the Blizzard Shop. As of today, the Game Time options of 30, 90, and 180 days have been removed and Game Time is only available as a purchase of 60 Days”

The pricing for the 60-day option is $29.99.

Players can no longer buy Game Time options of 30, 90, or 180 days. That leaves 60 days as the only option for players wishing to extend their WoW subscription using Game Time.

This will not affect the more traditional subscriptions for WoW that include recurring payments. One, three and six-month recurring subscription options are still available. Blizzard cited a “review” it conducted as the reason for this change.

However, these players are not out of luck. In fact, you can buy your monthly WoW subscription at a lower price than your 30-day Game Time Pass and cancel it before your next month’s billing. To their credit or debit card.

However, it’s important to note that some players who intend to play for only one month may be forced to continue playing, forgetting to cancel their subscription before the second fee is charged. Is that there is.

Oftentimes, players use the Game Time subscription option because they can farm in-game gold to purchase them. Making 60 days the sole option has a potential for negative side effects on players who farm gold to pay for their sub on a month-to-month basis.

Subscription pricing is unaffected, including the bundle rates you get for paying months in advance, which in the long run works out to be cheaper than just buying time upfront. However, many players tend to dip in and out of MMOs over time (WoW or otherwise), so being able to pay for smaller increments of game time is convenient for them. For those who use WoW Tokens to pay for  gametime through the in-game market (or using the tokens for Blizzard Balance) , this change does affect those either.

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The main PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE eFootball championship in Brazil, is about to begin

The first season of eGol Pro, the main PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE eFootball championship in Brazil, is about to begin.

The games start on March 22 with eight of the main teams in Brazilian football: Flamengo, Corinthians, São Paulo, Botafogo, Santos, Internacional, Vasco and Atlético Mineiro (represented by e-Galo).

During the eGol Draft, e-Galo had three choices to reinforce the cast and focused on the Northeast. two of these were selected for the final cast: Bahian Igor “IGOR_INFINITO” and Sergipe Luiz “BairralSE”, who make a point of carrying the state in the gamertag.

A Training Lobby will be made available to participating clubs, within the PES 2021 Season Update eFootball on PlayStation. With this, players will be able to enjoy a lobby with dedicated matches between the teams participating in the eGol Pro.

The registration of athletes starts on February 22 and runs until March 2, 2021. Registration of athletes with active PSN and PS Plus ID is essential. After validating the records, a window of up to 5 business days will start counting for inclusion of that athlete in the eGol training lobby on the eFootball PES 2021 Season Update.

After participating in the eGol Open and being chosen by the club, players join the eGol Pro. According to LnK Gaming, an initiative of Grupo Globo and DC Set Group, the forecast for the start is on March 22, in the form of running points and round-trip confrontations.

The best four teams in the table advance to the third stage, the eGol Pro Finals.

Championship Format
As in the Brasileirão de Futebol, eGOL PRO will have in its first phase in the form of running points, where everyone plays against everyone twice, in round-trip confrontations. In all, there will be 14 rounds in 7 weeks of competition, so we will have double rounds going on every week.

All games in the points phase, take place in 3 × 3 format, that is, three players from Team A against three players from Team B.

The four best clubs in the points stage advance to the playoffs, which will be divided into semifinals, dispute of 3rd / 4th place and the Grand Final. All playoff games will be played in the MD5 format, where the first two games take place in the classic 3 × 3 format, but, starting with the third game of the best of five, the King of the Table format begins to count.

The group game for eGol Pro starts on March 22 and will last for seven weeks, and the last round will be on April 4. The tournament final will take place between April 15 and April 23. The PES 2021 tournament games can be watched live on SporTV channels, e-SporTV’s YouTube and Player1’s Twitch.

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The Outriders Demo has just received update 1.005.000

The Outriders Demo has just received update 1.005.000 and People Can Fly have detailed the patch notes for it, confirming audio desynchronization issues should be fixed, alongside the addition of a motion blur toggle with the 1.5.0 update.

What is motion blur? Motion blur comes from photography, is used in games with fast movements, often in shooters, racing games and action adventures.This simulates high speed, the image blurs at the edges, while the center remains sharp.

Outriders demo patch

Made minor tweaks to frame rate output for certain items in cutscenes, however, we are working on a more comprehensive fix for the future [PC, PS4/5]
Made improvements to cut down on the time it takes to Matchmake [PC, PS4/5]
Made other minor improvements and fixes [PC, PS4/5]
Fixed a crash that repeatedly occurred when opening the menu or inventory [PC]
Fixed a bug that deletes player gear if their connection drops out during a transition [PC]
Improved subtitle display and synchronization during the “Bad Day” quest [PC]
Fixed store links on the “Buy Now” button in the Lobby [PS4/5]
Fixed bug that was causing an audio desynchronization in cutscenes [PS4/5]

They also had some additional comments on other issues people brought up including:

They maintain that drop rates for legendaries have not been changed since launch. This excludes things like putting in legendaries for end of mission rewards or taking them out of non-boss chests. They say the rates are low on purpose because we’re on World Tier 5 out of 15.
They are investigating long load times and sign in times on PlayStation.
They are working on getting people lost Accolades and inventory, which they deem one of their highest priority investigations currently.

So that’s what’s happening now and again, the patch will be done for Xbox a bit later, it seems. Not sure why there’s a difference there, but that’s the way it is.At the start of the demo, however, it was not possible to deactivate Motion Blur in the options. While PC gamers found a workaround, console gamers had to be patient. With the update there is now an option for Steam, PS5 and PS4.

Anyway, I’m done with the demo for now and I cannot farm that Captain one more time or I’ll lose my mind. Very excited for April 1, however, and we’ll see what other news breaks before then.

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