EA are encouraging players to stop rage quitting games of FIFA 22

To celebrate the founding of the world’s oldest football club, Sheffield FC, EA Sports are encouraging players to stop rage quitting games of FIFA 22.

So how’s everyone enjoying FIFA 22 online then? For the 30,000+ players who were recently issued a seven-day ban for exploiting a FIFA Ultimate Team loophole — giving EA a little taste of its own medicine — I’d venture to say not very much.

The Sheffield Football Club posted the video of its collaboration with FIFA 22 on its official Twitter account. The video starts off by introducing the term F.O.A.T. or the “First Of All Time,” which in the case of video is Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club and where the first rules of the sport were established. The video then goes on to talk about the “Code of the F.O.A.T.,” a set of unwritten rules for FIFA 22 that are said to have now been approved by Sheffield FC itself. These rules include asking players to not rage quit, to skip replays if they’re not worth seeing, to not waste other people’s time, and more.

It’s OK for the FIFA community to follow these guidelines, but I doubt this promotion campaign will have much more impact. And, while some of these measures are notable, there are already some mitigation schemes to discourage such a behavior, which can be repeated.

In FIFA 22, thanks to the new-look FUT Champs game mode, the community has seemingly come to a collective agreement to quit games, if they themselves have nothing else to play for, in return giving their opponents a “free win” which could see them reach a higher rank.

Meanwhile, EA has added options to the game in recent years to speed up the game’s flow. You can skip straight to a restart after a goal, for example, and I find that most players do this. Instead of your opponent’s celebration, the game may present you one of your players or manager hanging their head in shame after you score a goal. Some celebrations considered to be toxic by EA have also been declared to be unreported.

Interestingly, this is technically against EA’s terms of service, but it’s unlikely that it will ever be enforced. What has been enforced, however, was EA’s recent decision to ban over 30,000 accounts for exploiting a glitch that allowed players to circumvent receiving a loss on their account.

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