A Comprehensive Evaluation of Albion Online

My life is full with many different games, As an old MMO game fans, my first MMO is Neverwinter Nights. Now my favorite MMO is Albion Online, this sandbox game is pretty good, and what sets this game apart are three things – Good, Bad and Ugly!


The Good

There are no artificial class boundaries and you are basically what you wear, which means you can switch from healer to tank. Weapons, armor, tools and even mounts, That for me was very refreshing from the usual linear advancement where you go to place X and get armor Y and skill Z. From the get go you are introduced to the concept of crafting your own gear. For me this is the best sandbox experience I have had since Asheron’s Call.

It also has a very cool, instanced, housing system where you can do all sorts of thing. Such as crafting, farming and even hire NPCs to get stuff for you. Very nice addition.

The Bad

Basically you have three base abilities and three supplementary abilities. The combat is unfortunately based on MOBAs. This means that you have very limited abilities that you can use at any time. And the three supplementary abilities are very situational such as a sprint, a teleport, short duration stealth and etc and all with very long cooldown. The three base abilities are often very basic. Do damage, bleed, heal or heal over time. This means that at most times you are only using your first abilities endlessly and for me this creates a very boring type of combat and pigeon holes you into your role. Which are all boiled down to DPS, Healing or Tanking.

I doubt that will ever happen, now this could be easily fixed by allowing you to have more abilities available to you but because of this MOBA style type of combat. And contrary to games like League of Legends there aren’t any game changing ultimate abilities as most skills are very bland. Bad. Very bad.

The Ugly

This game is full loot PvP. Which means that if another player kills you then you lose EVERYTHING you wear. This goes against the MOBA style combat as in MOBAs you lose nothing when you die, which creates an open atmosphere where people risk a lot when fighting and don’t just hug the safe zones. In the best guilds, have full access to over 50% of the game world which coincidentally is where the best loot, PvE and resources are. However due to this apparent contradiction, the majority of players are cramped into the safe zones with only the maybe top 10% of players.

To make matters worse, like all full loot PvP MMOs, it attracts the worst of the worst. Elitists jerks who love to gang up on other people and grief the hell out of them. Not sure why but I am assuming it makes them feel like they are something special or something. Not sure but the worst of the worst MMO players are in this game and they will do everything they can to kill you and take your shit.

So I am currently still enjoying the game as I stick to blue and yellow zones and only occasionally venture out to red and almost never to black (lawless) zones. I wonder though how long I will keep playing the game seeing as 50% of the game world is off limits for me and you need to keep this in mind if you decide to start playing.

Also one final thing. This game is 100% Pay to Win as it is very heavily based on in game currency (silver) and you can buy albion silver by selling gold, which you buy for real money. And this is another reason why I am staying out of full loot PvP zones as you will most likely meet people who have spent lots of money and are as such decked out in the best equipment in the game which will give them a noticeable advantage over you. Not that it matters as you will most likely get gangbanged by 10 of them but just to add insult to injury.

I’d like to play the game all my free time, with my friends and teammates, you know, Albion is an MMO game, so it would be more fun to play with a team or a group. Finally, Albion Online is the best sandbox in 2017, at least I think so.  Always www.mmocs.com is ready to offer you the Cheapest Albion Online Gold and help you win in the game !