King launches Farm Heroes Super Saga on iOS and Android

There are certain kinds of people who find match-3 games a bit of a bore and would rather play the more challenging action/adventure or puzzle games. And then there are those people who play all the latest match-3 games with a certain glee. If you’re part of the latter group and if you love farming and/or crops, then this new Android game is for you. Farm Heroes Super Saga is the sequel to the Farm Heroes Saga which came out in 2013.

While the core gameplay once again sees players matching fruit and veg – or Cropsies – in groups of three or more, triggering chain reactions for high scores, it introduces new features, obstacles and challenges as players progress through the game. For instance, matching four Cropsies into a square creates a ‘Super Cropsie’, worth more points when collected.

Farm Heroes Super Saga also introduces four new modes. In Growth, players are required to collect both regular and the new Super Cropsies, with different targets for each. In Wind, each match you make generates a gust that blows the entire board in the direction you swiped, making it tougher to strategise in advance. If you want to know where to buy Farm Heroes Super Saga Accounts, will be your best choice.

The game introduces stronger multiplayer, with a competitive social feature and leaderboard. Again centred around the Country Show, this features timed events where players try to grow the biggest Cropsie. During the events, players earn growth formula from playing the game, and the bigger the Cropsie, the more coins you’ll earn to spend on booster items for use in the main game.

The game has similar monetization to other Candy Crush games. You get so many moves to achieve a certain number of matches. If you do, you move on to the next level. If you don’t, you can buy some more chances with virtual currency. And when you run out of virtual currency, you can replenish it with real money.