FIFA 17 Essential Gameplay Recommendations

Here are some basic for you to consider before playing FIFA 17. Follow the hints below to be prepared for playing FIFA 17 for the first time or improve your FIFA 17 gameplay skills if you had already played it.


Know the New Features
To adapt your current FIFA skills to FIFA 17’s you need to know what is the difference between FIFA 17 and the older versions. The complete FIFA 17 features list is available at Go there and read all new features coming with FIFA 17, get comfortable with them and pay attention to the ones which affect the gameplay and the controls. For example, the New Attacking Techniques in FIFA 17, will allow you to orginse better attacks/counter attacks in the game where you need to be familiarised with its methods and controls. So does it for Set Piece Rewrite feature as well. Check out the FIFA 17 New Features and get your eyes and your mind used to them.

Know the Controls
You need to get familiar with FIFA 17 controls to play it like a pro. As always, we will be providing the official FIFA 17 control guides for you here once they are available. In fact, FIFA 17 controls are almost same as FIFA 16’s.

Play the Training Mode
Go through all steps of FIFA 17 training mode. Start from the basic trainings and try to reach the highest levels. In training mode, you can try the controls and skill moves as well.

Turn on FIFA Trainer Option
Turn on FIFA Trailer mode available in FIFA 17. Like in previous version, FIFA 16, FIFA 17 Trainer is an in-game trainer which assists you to improve your gameplay by giving real time tips and tricks while you’re on the pitch. Turn it on and execute the given tips when playing.

Play Offline/Single Matches
Play against AI and try to beat it. Start off with low level difficulties like Amateur or Semi-Pro, Go further up when you can already beat strong teams such as Barcelona or Bayern Munich on Semi-Pro level. Try to focus on defending first rather than scoring goals. After you are already good at defending, learn how to put your opponent under pressure and then try to score goals.

Play Online Matches
Online matches will teach you how to play FIFA 17 better since you are battling against a real FIFA player. Keep in mind that online matches could are usually laggy and this could affect your timing for shooting, dribbling, passing and in general, for your gameplay. Playing Online Seasons and Tournaments will improve your gameplay step by step as you play against people who are on the same level of gameplay as you. Try to promote to the next divisions/stages and give your best to improve yourself in FIFA 17.

Other Things to Consider
Find a formation that suits your playing style.
Have more than two attacking methods, don’t stick with one method of attacking.
Try to read your opponent’s next move when you play online.
Form up your defensive line with the defenders with highest overall ratings in your club.
Do not disconnect/leave the matches even if you know you’re going to lose.

FIFA 17: Earning Coins in FUT Draft

In FIFA Ultimate Team, you are served with draft token before you start game. You can use those token either in solo challenge or online drafts. You may don’t know what is FUT draft, here is the detail about draft. Simply speaking, it’s similar to fantasy leagues. Gamers can apply the skill or tactic that they used in fantasy leagues into Fut draft because it has been designed based on fantasy leagues. So, gamers have to spend 1500 coins or 300 points on entry once they used the token. It’s not a small amount for gamers and they can’t not raised enough in a short time. Here are the guides for you on how to earn coins in FUT draft.

FIFA17 Ultimate Team

The first thing you should do is select a difficulty level that matches your skill. You’ll need to win a four-game series, with each game increasing more difficult than the last. If you want to earn the big prizes, you’ll need to win all four games in the series, so make sure you select a difficulty befitting of your skill level.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate difficulty level, it’s time to choose a formation. If you’re new to FIFA Ultimate Team, it may not be a good idea to select an obscure formation. Keep it simple and pick a formation that’s more straightforward, such as a 4-3-3. This kind of formation will allow you to use star players to the best of their abilities during the draft.

With your formation set, you must select a captain out of your first five players. This is where chemistry plays an important role in FIFA Ultimate Team. Select a captain, then you need to build a team around this person, comprised of players who are from the same league, club or country. Do your homework and plan ahead. Sometimes it’s best to pick a captain who doesn’t have the highest stats so you can pick better players with great chemistry. In fact, you can preview players in your formation to get a good idea what your team chemistry would look like if you drafted them.

Chemistry should be key throughout your draft. However, if you picked your starting squad and your chemistry isn’t where you’d like it to be, make sure your five reserve and seven sub players offer better chemistry. Having a great bench can make up for the shortcomings of your starting lineup and can go a long way toward FIFA Ultimate Team Draft success. With that said, if your starting lineup is solid, you can even go as far as to auto-pick the rest of your team.

According to EA, once you’ve completed your FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, you’ll be compensated for the 15,000 coins you spent. However, you won’t simply receive those coins back. Instead, you’ll earn packs, coins and cards that are the equivalent of the 15,000 coins you spent. This was done primarily to make it difficult for players to farm resources by playing the draft over and over again.

Once the draft is complete you need to go over your team so you can understand your players better. Examine the style and tendencies of your players before you simply rush into a game. Knowing details about your players can make or break a game for you. For example, if you enter a shootout and the ball goes flying to the left, it may have been because you used that player’s weak foot. Had you examined the finer details of your player you could have avoided such a mishap.

Similarly, FUT draft sets so many difficulties as other games. it’s impossible for gamers to have a fantastic team after their first draft. They players in team have been selected by device randomly and they need time to get used to the mode. So gamers can’t expect any help at the beginning of the game. However, they have the opportunity to play draft twice if they have enough coins. Practice makes perfect. The more you play, the higher possibility you will succeed.