How to Win Big Prizes in FIFA 18 Squad Battles

Squad Battles is the big new addition to FIFA Ultimate Team, offering players the chance to earn lucrative rewards for playing single-player games. By competing against other players’ CPU-controlled Ultimate Teams, you can earn an array of packs and coins based on your performances over a seven-day period.

Sound easy? It’s not so simple. The prizes you accumulate are based on a real-time points leaderboard which continually updates throughout the week – ranking high enough to obtain the top rewards can prove a real challenge.

Follow these tips to reach the Top 100 and acquire Squad Battles’ ultimate jackpots.


1. Enhance your squad

Acquiring a skilled side before heading into Squad Battles is crucial. The difficulty levels in this new mode are heightened, taking Chemistry into account for every team you face. The added toughness ensures each match provides a real challenge, particularly when facing an array of star-studded sides.

At the very least, take the time to upgrade your team before opting for Squad Battles’ hardest difficulty levels. Equip a competent shot-stopper, defensive powerhouse and prolific striker, and you’ll find it much easier to rack up the wins.

2. Find your difficulty level

If you’re hoping to acquire Squad Battles’ top rewards, Legendary difficulty is where it’s at. That doesn’t mean that Semi-Pro, Professional or World Class aren’t worth your time – winning games is always more preferable to losing, but if you’re skilled enough, Legendary will grant you thousands of points per-game.

This is the result of a ‘difficulty bonus’, which increases the points total based on the level of challenge you opt for. For example, Semi-Pro multiplies parts of your score by 0.6, while the overly tough Ultimate level provides a x2.6 bonus if you can conquer it.

3. Scout your opponents

Of course, your upcoming opponent should also factor into the difficulty level you choose. Each Squad Battles side offers a specific style and formation, and you can examine their lineup ahead of time. This is important, as the quality and tactics of any given team can have a major effect on how well they’ll perform.

Don’t forget to take a peek at the opposing team’s subs bench, either. Many clubs pack superstar loan players in their ranks, causing utter devastation when introduced in the late stages of a game. Factor this into your game plan.

4. Plan your week

Squad Battles allocates four games per-day during the week. Saturdays and Sundays are then chopped into three different time slots, equalling 12 games per-day over the weekend. That’s a lot of games, and during busy periods, you’re going to find it tough to remain consistently high in the rankings.

Luckily, there’s help at hand, as each period of games can be carried over for one turn if necessary. For example, you can carry Wednesday’s games into Thursday, meaning you don’t need to throw away those all-important points.

5. Win in style

The primary goal of Squad Battles is to win games and accumulate points. But it’s not just winning that pushes you up the rankings – there are many factors that determine how many points you can earn per-game.

For example, netting five goals or more adds a significant bonus to your total. Keeping a clean sheet grants you an extra 75 points, while shots on target, successful tackles and even corners all affect the amount you earn. There are many ways to add to your score, so don’t just settle for the easy 1-0 victory.

The 6 Best FIFA 18 right-backs you should sign in Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team features a ton of quality alternatives for players in nearly every position spanning across Europe’s top five leagues, but there’s a dearth of quality right-backs. Most in the game have average stats, but here are a dozen exceptional right-backs who would be perfect additions to your FUT.

Dani Carvajal

Potential cost: 5k


Carvajal is an integral part of Real Madrid’s squad, as evidenced by Los Blancos’ struggles following the Spaniard’s absence for a short period. The key role he plays for Real Madrid in real life has seen him become the highest-rated right-back in La Liga, and luckily for you he doesn’t cost nearly as much as his Premier League counterparts.

His 83 crossing stats will allow you to utilise tall and strong strikers up front to devastating effect. Meanwhile, his defending stats, coupled with lung-busting stamina, gives Carvajal a strong defensive workrate.

Lukasz Piszczek

Potential cost: 1.2k


Piszczek is the highest-rated Bundesliga right-back in FIFA 18 – and with good reason, considering he’s a difficult man to get past in real life and also a competent player going forward.

Equipped with 81 defending and 80 physicality, the Polish defender can get most wingers off the ball. A Shadow Chemistry style would give his defending – along with his 79 pace – a significant boost, allowing you to maximise his crossing ability.

Dani Alves

Potential cost: 3.1k


Dani Alves is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world – and that reputation follows him in FIFA 18.

The Brazil international is like Marcelo minus the four-star skill rating, bragging immense pace, sublime dribbling ability and midfielder-esque passing. The only downside to Alves is his severe lack of physicality, which is only rated at 66.

If your play is primarily centred on attacking, though – and let’s be honest, whose isn’t? – Alves is your guy.

Hector Bellerin

Potential cost: 8k


Bellerin is one of three right-backs every Premier League Ultimate Team should have. Only two players in the entire game are faster than the Spaniard (Jonathan Biabiany and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang), so you can expect to catch up with most players easily and make key interceptions.

With Bellerin’s strength rated at 62, though, you’d be better off using standing tackles to steal the ball from players as opposed to spamming L2.

Alessandro Florenzi

Potential cost: 18.7k


Florenzi is undoubtedly the best right-back in Serie A, but he’s also the most expensive and currently goes for around 18-20k coins. That’s with good reason, given his talents as an all-round player.

He’s got decent defending abilities, but going forward he’s a different beast thanks to his winger-esque shooting, dribbling and pace stats.

Antonio Valencia

Potential cost: 36.7k


Valencia is one of the most annoying full-backs to play against in FIFA 18, just as he should be. He’s an expert at stopping runs and thwarting incoming attacks. The Ecuadorian’s 87 pace makes him extremely difficult to outrun, while his 85 strength makes physical battles a piece of cake.

Manchester United’s Mr. Reliable is a brick wall in defence, but he’s also deadly going forward – capable of going past players and sending in a killer cross.

FIFA 18 the Big Changes to the Game Modes

FIFA 18 is finally here, and while there isn’t a new big mode to highlight this year, there are a number of big changes which improve upon last year’s game.

Career mode has seen some additions to make transfers more realistic, there are new broadcast packages for a few leagues, and there are some changes to Pro Clubs.

In addition, building on the success of FIFA 17’s new story mode, The Journey season two is here, adding another chapter to the journey of the fictional football player Alex Hunter.


Career mode

The big addition to Career mode this year is interactive transfer negotiations. There’s a brand new hub in the menu to keep track of all your targets and transfer listed players. Plus, there are new animated cut scenes where you’ll meet real world managers in person to negotiate sales.

Using a decision wheel, you’ll be able to talk about the terms of a contract, including fee, and future options like a sell-on clause. Your opposing manager will then reply dynamically based on the offer, and try and negotiate the best deal for them. After the initial contract discussion has been completed, you’ll progress on to talks with the player and their agent directly.

After the deals have been done, you’ll then see even more new cut scenes, including news clips of a new player unveiling and their first press conference with their manager. You’ll also see when someone wins Player of the Month, or when your team wins a cup.

Training has also been given a makeover in FIFA 18 with over 15 new skill games and the ability to create preset drills and assign them to specific groups of players.

Ultimate Team

The main different in FUT this year is Icons. These have replaced the Legend cards from last year, and are no longer exclusive to Xbox. These cards allow you put the best players who are no longer in the game into your team.

In addition, there are three versions of each Icon, depicting the player at various stages in their career. Technically this means you have a greater chance of getting an Icon when you open packs, but you might get a weaker version. The Brazilian Ronaldo is the face of the new feature this year.

Pro Clubs

EA Sports has made a number of changes to the back end and menus of Pro Clubs in FIFA 18. First of all is the match lobby, which the company says it has made more streamlined and user friendly. You can now assign set piece takers before the match start and switch around your play style from the lobby menu.

As for the play styles themselves, you can create multiple for your player, choosing from up to three different positions, or three different styles for a single position. You’ll also be able to upgrade your player with the Pro Clubs skill tree, improving their stats in physical, defending, dribbling, passing, shooting, pace, and goalkeeping.

Finally, the Pro Clubs kits have been updated to the newest versions, and 12 new colours have been added for creating your own.

The Journey

The trailer for season two of The Journey story mode gave away a few new features. For one, you’ll be playing abroad, which adds some nice new scenery and different players to those found in the Premier League and Championship.

Protagonist Alex Hunter is also now customisable, and you’ll be progressing through a skill tree rather than just dumping points into his stats. If you’ve always wanted to give Hunter a fresh new cut or some new tattoos, you’ll be happy.

We’ll also be seeing cameos from some of football’s biggest stars in The Journey, including Griezmann, Thierry Henry, Dele Alli, Rio Ferdinand, and the game’s cover star, Cristiano Ronaldo.


There’s always some change to FIFA which makes a certain type of shot or a certain way of playing overpowered. All of this will no doubt become evident over the next couple of weeks, but EA has also made some other changes to the game this year.

Quick subs are a handy addition, which allow you to make a substitution in a natural break of play without having to go into the menu. You can select a preset before the match, or use the contextual subs if someone gets injured.

There are also new team styles this year, and you should be able to see teams utilising the style that they’re known for. You’ll be able to choose from the likes of catenaccio, direct player, counter attacking, quick passing, and harass. Players will also position themselves better, and someone in the target man role will do a better job.

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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Guide ,Tips & Tricks

How to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18, achieve great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly and stand the best chance of success when playing online. Get the best cheap players for Ultimate Team and learn about OTW cards. Squad Building Challenges explained, and FUT 18 Card Packs detailed. Squad Battles, How to Beat Teams on Legendary.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is this year’s version of the now gigantic game mode in which players build a squad of virtual football stars and compete against other teams. In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team guide we’ll give you the lowdown on all the game modes and give you help on how to get the most out of your time. For newcomers, Ultimate Team can seem quite daunting, so read on for all the tips you’ll need to become a FIFA 18 Ultimate Team legend .

For more on FIFA 18 that isn’t Ultimate Team, head over to our FIFA 18 guide hub. It’s got loads of useful guides, including how to score lots of goals and who are the best young players to buy.


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Guide

The basic idea of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is to build up a team by collecting player cards. These cards can be won by completing tasks or challenges, or bought from the online transfer market. With a team assembled you can compete online, take part in challenges, or play a series of offline events in order to earn more FIFA Coins. Like we said, this is the basic idea of Ultimate Team. Once you delve deeper into it, there’s a lot more to discover and learn.

What can you Buy in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team?

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is about building the best squad of players possible, but far more than players can be bought. You can buy manager cards, stadium cards, and consumable cards. Consumables are a big part of your day to day management of your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Players can lose fitness, so you can apply fitness cards, they can run out of contract so require a contract extension card, or can be trained up using a training cards. All of these things can either be earned through achievements in the game or bought on the marketplace.

FIFA Coins and FIFA Points in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

There are two currencies in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: FIFA Coins and FIFA Points. When you see an item for sale, whether it be a player or a consumable card. Coins are earned by playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and taking part in the various challenges and events, while FIFA Points are bought from your console/system’s store.

For example, a Gold Pack from the store will cost you 5,000 FIFA Coins or 100 FIFA Points.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry

We’ll go into far more detail on chemistry in FIFA 18 with a full guide, but the idea is this: your team will play better if players are alongside players of the same nationality, league, or club. These, along with other factors such as position played, the manager, and games for the club, all go into determining the player chemistry and team chemistry. The better these things are, the better your players will perform.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

• Ultimate Team is pretty complicated, so make sure you play through the challenges built into the game. These will earn you rewards and FIFA coins while you learn how things work.

• Players have contracts, meaning they have a limited amount of games they can play for you. Loan players can’t have their contracts extended. Be careful about who you play in you team so you don’t use up valuable contract games when you don’t need to.

• While playing FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is fun, earning enough coins to buy the players you want can be a real grind. If you find yourself losing interest and don’t mind spending real world money, buying FIFA Point to buy packs is a nice shortcut. It might feel dirty at first, but if it means you get more fun from the game and can afford it, go for it!

• Think about chemistry from the start. While it’s tempting to jump in and buy players you like, you’ll end up with a team with low chemistry that can’t enter certain events.

• Chemistry is calculated when you submit your team and enter a match, so you can move players around without it affecting your chemistry. If you have a winger who’d you’d rather play as a ST, just tinker with your formation when the match starts.

• An injured player will only recover if you keep them in the main squad. Either use a fitness card to heal a player or keep them in the reserves so they will recover over time.