FIFA 21 PC Will Be Based on the Current-Gen Version

For one reason or another, the upcoming PC port of FIFA 21 won’t match the version coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X this fall. On the official FAQ for the latest iteration of its soccer simulator, EA confirmed that “FIFA 21 on PC will be the same version as released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.” That’s a serious bummer, especially considering that PC hardware already matches what is available in the new consoles.

It would be somewhat understandable if this was the first FIFA release on PC, but the series has been available on Origin starting with FIFA 14 back in 2013. It’s been nearly a decade since EA began supporting the platform, so it’s strange to see the publisher not want the best possible version on its digital distribution platform. Then again, this is the same company that has routinely released full-priced patches for the Switch with FIFA Legacy Editions each year.

The decision might seem odd at first glance considering that even substandard PC rigs should be able to keep up with the Xbox Series X and PS5 in terms of hardware. However, it is important to remember how relatively little copies FIFA sells on PC. While the PC might be largely considered as the superior way to play most games like FPS’s and strategy titles, nothing can beat a controller when it comes to sports games. And if you want to buy FIFA 21 Coins Player Auction, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

The majority of sports games are played by gamers like might be considered “casual.” It also just so happens that the overwhelming amount of casual gamers play on console. From a business perspective, it is almost a no-brainer on why EA wouldn’t want to spend money or time to push out the Creme de la Creme of soccer video games on PC. Regardless of the reasoning behind this, it is safe to say that the small number of people who do enjoy FIFA on PC are going to be very upset.

Whatever the reason, if you were planning on buying FIFA 21 for PC this year, you may want to hold off for some reviews or impressions. I doubt the port will be buggy or anything, but it stinks that it won’t be able to keep up with its console brethren.