Injuries With The Biggest Impact In Madden 18

A few seasons back, EA Sports started disallowing injured players in all online H2H games. If you want to move an injured player into the starting spot, you’ll have to wait until the end of the NFL season, after the Super Bowl. Madden 18 is no different. In case you haven’t been able to keep up with all the latest injuries, the pros at Madden School have put together a list of injuries with the biggest impact in Madden 18.

These players are sorely missed by their teams. Some of the players to make our list are obvious while others not so much. Regardless, the injuries sustained by our list of players is having a big impact in Madden 18.


Greg Olsen TE Carolina Panthers

The loss of Greg Olsen is huge for any of you who like to play with Carolina. They were one of our most popular teams to use in Madden 18, and even though they’re still effective, they lost a lot of production when Olsen went down for the season. The Panthers offense went from highly dynamic to just sort of average after they lost their all star TE.

Allen Robinson WR Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are a team with a very good overall rating, despite QB Blake Bortles’ low rating, and they have a very talented defense with the potential to win you games. The Jacksonville Jaguars have the same problem as the Bears in that they need their top rated WR, badly. Robinson was rated 87 overall, and those of you who might like playing with the Jags could use his playmaking ability on offense. Robinson’s injury in undoubtedly having a big impact.

Odell Beckham Jr. WR New York Giants

Beckham was, for all intensive purposes, the number one offensive option on the New York Giants offense. With Beckham out for the entire season, the New York Giants are nearly unusable in online H2H matches. With the exception of TE Evan Engram, the Giants offense is incredibly depleted of playmakers. Beckham was a huge loss for any of you who like rolling with the Giants. At a 93 overall rating, Beckham is the highest rated WR to make our list.

JJ Watt DE Houston Texans

Another injury that just happened, and is fresh in everyone’s mind, is JJ Watt being lost for the season. This is a huge blow if you like playing with the Houston Texans. The team was really coming around with Watson making strides in his overall rating and the offense starting to come around. Nonetheless, Watt doesn’t necessarily render the Texans unusable, but his injury definitely hurts. Watt is certainly one of the injured players with the biggest impact in Madden 18.

Julian Edelman WR New England Patriots

An injury that perhaps isn’t so fresh in your mind is the loss of Julian Edelman, WR for the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Edelman’s presence on offense would make New England nearly unstoppable in online H2H matches. They’re nearly unstoppable as it is, so you can only imagine what Edelman’s presence would give them. Regardless, Edelman’s rating alone makes him a huge loss as he’s the only receiver, other than Gronk, rated higher that 90 that New England has.

David Johnson RB Arizona Cardinals

Arizona was one of the more popular teams to use in online H2H matches before Johnson went down with his wrist injury. He gave the Arizona Cardinal users a huge advantage because of his ability to run and catch the ball and turn those into big plays. Although they still have some weapons on offense, the absence of David Johnson is having a huge impact on the Arizona Cardinals.

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You Need to Play Madden NFL 18’s Heartfelt Story Mode

Madden NFL 18 finally gives the perennial sports franchise a proper story mode with Longshot, a playable football drama that takes the focus away from stats and playbooks in favor of what really makes football interesting — the people.

Longshot tells the story of Devin Wade (J.R. Lemon), a former star quarterback from Mathis, Texas, who gave up his college football career after a family tragedy. When a trip to the NFL Combine gives Wade an unexpected shot at redemption, he’s forced to confront both real-life challenges as well as his inner demons as he competes for a chance to get drafted.

This sets up a meaty single-player campaign that’s not only one of the best ways to experience Madden as a newcomer, but also one of the best video game stories you’ll play all year.

Gameplay wise, Longshot feels like the result of Telltale Games (the studio behind The Walking Dead and Batman) taking a stab at football. It’s heavy on interactive cutscenes, where you’ll make dialogue choices that determine how NFL scouts see Devin. Will you prank your best friend during an embarrassing moment, or leave him be? Do you hurl back insults at your trash-talking rival, or keep things classy?


While these are mostly neat diversions, Longshot is at its best when it comes time to actually play some traditional Madden-style football. Whether you’re reliving Devin’s high school days or participating in a big reality show spectacle, Longshot’s actual football segments focus on specific moments with simplified rules, cutting out the bloat that makes a standard session of Madden so intimidating for a non-football diehard.

You won’t have to worry about calling plays or choosing formations, allowing you to focus completely on throwing big touchdown passes and enjoying the dramatic cutscenes that follow them. And while Longshot never feels like a glorified tutorial, its later chapters do a brilliant job of easing you into basic Madden concepts such as playing defense or completing a two-minute drill.

That joyous simplicity is what makes Longshot stand out among the rising crop of narrative-focused sports experiences. You’re never worrying about upgrading a spreadsheet of stats or negotiating to get traded to a specific team — you’re simply there to enjoy the ride. While your choices affect the ending (as well as your overall performance grade), that all felt incidental to the roughly 6-hour story that was so gripping, I devoured it in two sittings.

Featuring standout acting performances from Rus Blackwell (Coach John Ford), Mahershala Ali (Cutter Wade) and the absolutely show-stealing Scott Porter (Colt Cruise), Longshot’s mix of humor and heartbreak is up there with some of the best football fiction on film and TV. While other sports games sell you on the fantasy of being a superstar, Longshot is made compelling by Devin’s flaws, failures and impossible odds. I laughed; I cheered; I even got misty-eyed on more than one occasion.

Longshot has its flaws — some of the mini-games are more frustrating than fun, and I noticed plenty of janky animations during cutscenes — but none of them kept me from becoming completely invested in EA’s heartfelt football narrative. The multiple endings and achievements add some replayability, though honestly, I’m probably going to start over just to relive Devin’s journey. Longshot lays an excellent foundation for future Madden stories, and if its conclusion is anything to go by, there will be more.

Longshot aside, Madden NFL 18 also features the kinds of graphical and gameplay improvements you’d expect from a new installment in the long-running series. But perhaps for the first time in the franchise’s three decades, the new Madden is more than just a robust football game. It’s also a great interactive story that anyone can — and should — enjoy.

How to Run a Successful, Efficient Offense in Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 offers the most realistic mechanics in the series to date. This means that the game has become more engaging and authentic, but also that you’ll have to be more mindful to move the chains and get into the end zone on a consistent basis. Whether you’re having trouble choosing plays, want to be more accurate slinging the pigskin, or can’t get the run game going, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be an obsessive football fan (it doesn’t hurt though) to put up some crooked numbers on your friends. Let’s break down how to excel on the offensive side of the ball in Madden 18.


Choosing plays

Madden playbooks largely mirror their actual NFL counterparts. There are 32 teams, and each one has its own playbook. In Madden, each playbook contains up to 500 plays across up to nine formations. That sounds daunting, but many plays are minor variations on a common idea, so the number of strongly differentiated plays much lower. You can take a look at playbooks for all teams in Madden 18 (or create your own) by scrolling all the way over on the main menu and selecting “customize.”

The good news is that you do not have to be a former football coach or signal caller to utilize your playbook well. While much of picking successful plays comes from trial and error, learning which and when to call certain plays can be boiled down to a basic formula.

Football fans know that the goal is to move the chains — gain 10 yards in three (or four) plays to get a new set of downs. With that being said, some Madden players are enamored by the long ball. We admit it — chucking the ball 40 yards down the field for your number one receiver to grab is thrilling. That doesn’t mean you should do it three times in a row. That will only lead to incomplete pass after incomplete pass, turnovers, and a predictable offense.

Make sure to mix things up. On first down, we find that either running the ball or short screen passes is the way to go. Eat up a few yards to make second and third down more manageable. If you gain five or six yards on first down, second down becomes more interesting. You can either take a shot downfield, or hammer down for a few more yards on the ground. But say you weren’t successful gaining more than a yard or two on first down, it’s usually a good spot for a pass play. Same with on third and long if you are in that situation.

Know when to go for it on 4th

One more thing about basic playcalling strategies. You have four downs to move the chains, but be wise. Risking a turnover on fourth down, when you aren’t in enemy territory is foolish against a human opponent, and only slightly less foolish against Madden 18‘s improved AI.

That being said, when you are in enemy territory, going for it on fourth and short situations is advisable. If you’re in that gray area between the 50 yard line and field goal range, we think the reward outweighs the risk. Our general rule of thumb is to go for it on 4th and 2 or less, as a typically run play will net you at least two yards.

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Madden 18 Longshot Story Mode Walkthrough

In the Madden 18 Longshot story mode, you’re challenged with getting hopeful quarterback Devin Wade, and his friend/receiver partner Colt Cruise to the NFL Draft, and subsequently drafted onto an NFL roster. In this Madden 18 Longshot guide, we’ll be detailing how to go about coming out on top of every challenge that Devin Wade faces, throughout the roughly three hours that Longshot runs on for. Follow our Longshot guide and you’ll be well on the road to success.

If you need anything else relating to Madden 18, including the best offensive playbooks, best defensive playbooks, and best red zone plays, then head over to our Madden 18 tips and tricks guide hub.

We were instantly impressed with Longshot as soon as Madden 18 recently released worldwide, not just for telling a competent story, but also for finally giving a woman the chance to shine.

Madden 18 Longshot Guide

The trick to being a success in the Longshot mode is, for the large part, simply being humble. No, this doesn’t exactly fit in with the average player in the NFL, but staying largely humble and not descending into arguments and boasting in Longshot is key to helping maintain your image come Draft Day.

Madden 18’s Longshot mode is broken up into three chapters, the first of which is effectively the Regional Combine, the second of which is largely covering the titular Longshot TV show, and the third of which is the redemption arc for both Devin and Colt. We’ll be walking you through the best decisions to make in each Longshot act throughout the guide below, with the end goal of getting both Devin and Colt drafted to an NFL team.

Madden 18 Longshot Mode Act 1 Guide

When Madden 18’s Longshot story first begins, you’re introduced to the young versions of Devin and Cole. Opt to ‘change the play’ in the conversation choice, and then complete the two QTE button presses afterwards, guiding the ball with the left analogue stick into the outstretched hands of Colt Cruise.

Fast forward a few minutes to the next conversation choice when you’re on the road with Colt, and choose the ‘have mercy’ option to build your friendship with Colt, and then opt to sing along with Colt a few minutes afterwards in the car. When you arrive at the hotel, opt to ‘reject’ Colt’s wish to take a photo by the banner, and you’ll get into the hotel itself on time. This is a surprisingly crucial decision, as choosing to take the photo with Colt and missing the hotel opening hours can negatively affect both Devin and Colt.

When your next conversation choice occurs in the Regional Combine, choose the ‘hush Colt’ option, sticking with the path of being humble and respecting your mentors. Now, a series of QTE events will take place, where you have to press left trigger as quickly as possible, when Devin is prompted to throw the ball to a receiver. As soon as you’ve pressed left trigger, guide the marker up the field towards the receiver using the left analog stick, and press the corresponding button when the marker is over the green zone. Press the analog stick towards the receiver while you’re pressing left trigger for the prompt, to get a head start on this section.

Madden 18 Longshot Mode Act 2 Guide

In the second act of Madden 18’s Longshot Mode, the Longshot TV Show becomes the main focus of the story, as Devin Wade is unwittingly forced into some arguably bad situations without his knowledge. Keep a level, cool head in this chapter, especially when dealing with other players, and you can easily come out on top of act 2.

First up, ‘doubt’ instead of ‘brag’ about the Longshot TV Show, and then invite Colt to the TV Show itself, before he reveals that he’s been invited to the Super Regional Combine. In the next scene, choose to ‘be polite’ in front of the cameras when you get out of the car, and then select the ‘hold back’ option when you’re with both the TV bosses.

Next up, you’ll be presented with a throwing drill for the Longshot TV Show, where you have to hit targets totalling at least 11, which is Josh Butterly’s score, to beat him and advance in the show. To aim at the targets, have the actual button prompt above the marker on the ground placed just before the target you want to hit, and you’ll also have to time it so that the ball hits the marker at the point at which the target has moved there. Throw the ball roughly 2/3 seconds before the target gets there, and aim for the blue ‘2’ targets, since just six of these will net you a higher score than Butterly.

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Madden 18 Best Football Game Yet?

The latest installment for sports gaming has touched down in stores and later, consoles everywhere. As of August 25th, EA Sports released Madden NFL 18. This new game is comprised of many groundbreaking features, with the most notable being it’s new Frostbite engine.

The engine intensifies the visuals and gives the user the feel of on-field play. From new voice audibles to impactful bone-crushing effects, EA Sports has shown the gaming community that they’ve developed the “clutch” gene. Gamers all over the world have long awaited the championship-caliber modifications.

According to Ebenezer Samuel, writer for the New York Daily News and video game critic, Madden NFL 18 is simply, “The best all-around football video game ever.” he also states, “The visuals and gameplay both see incremental improvements to their finest levels ever.”


What can make a football game greater than its previous editions? Easy, just place Tom Brady on the cover. EA Sports announced the five-time Super Bowl champion of the New England Patriots as the cover athlete on May 9. Brady follows in the footsteps of teammate Rob Gronkowski, the man on the cover of last year’s edition.

This marks the first time Madden’s history that teammates have graced the cover in back-to-back years. Dan Hanzus, Writer for, avows that Brady is “the oldest guy to grace the cover since John Madden from 1988 through 2000.”

Madden NFL 18 has also introduced its first series in to story mode called “Longshot.” This story is about a by-chance athlete, Devin Wade, who charts an uncommon path to the NFL, via reality show, years after leaving an illustrious Texas Longhorns program. In the hands of the dynamic Frostbite engine, Wade and other characters come to plausible life.

Frustrations also have arisen with Madden NFL 18 lately. Running through the line of scrimmage post-snap has never felt so unnatural, as both offensive and defensive lineman glitch around and sometimes teleport. It’s evident that Madden has issues overcoming this obstacle. Perhaps, whenever it is solved, EA can implement a patch to reverse the wrongs it has made.

“Fans seemed to be impressed with Longshot…but they were also frustrated that some of the existing issues with franchise mode and commentary were not addressed” Michelle Bruton of Bleacher Report, said. Though Madden NFL 18 earned a critic score of 83 out of 100 by Metacritic, users showed no remorse coming in with a score of 7.3 out of 10.

Madden 18: Top 5 Players With Great Specialty

Each and every person playing Ultimate Team has figured out the plays they like, the cards they want, As we get into our second week of the official start of the Madden season, and the players that have played best for them. From expensive, highly-rated, rare cards, to the immensely underrated budget cards, many players have stood out in their own way for good or for bad, I myself have found some extremely solid defensive players during the time I have been playing.  I hope you guys enjoy the list and of course are enjoying the newest and best Madden to date! This will be the top five players on defense that I myself have used, whether it be in MUT Draft or Ultimate Team.

Ryan Shazier – 84 Overall MLB


Coming in at five overall under the next highest-rated player on the list. Starting off the list, we have a card that doesn’t exactly fit in with the others. Ryan Shazier may not be the flashy 90 overall that many like to have, but what he does have is speed. Simply run around the middle of the field with him, and you will get many user picks.user has never been so easy, with an 84 speed rating at the MLB position,

Khalil Mack – 90 Overall LE


Khalil Mack, Coming in at the number four overall position is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. He has all of the pass-rushing ability and run-stuffing destruction that you will need in a defensive linemen, and enough speed to even be put into coverage if the situation presents itself. Khalil is a terror for all offensive-linemen and quarterbacks alike, Simply one of the best overall CARDS in the game.

Richard Sherman – 89 Overall CB


Nobody should dispute the fact that this guy is one of the better cornerbacks of the 21st century so far, At number three is the self-proclaimed “best cornerback in the league”, and that holds true in Madden Ultimate Team. His high zone rating is perfect for any situation, and his play recognition is perfect for those tense moments at the end of the game where you need a crucial turnover. A tad slow for this time in the year, Richard makes up for it with his incredible ability to create turnovers out of nothing.

Landon Collins – 89 Overall SS


Landon Collins is a terror for running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks, Possibly the breakout candidate of the 2016 season. He has an incredible ability to sniff out the run, and will punish the qb with an interception if the ball is thrown his way.  your player will be on his back while the ball is in the other team’s hands, so don’t run towards him with anybody that has a low carry rating because next thing you know.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – 89 Overall CB


DRC(Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie) is an absolute shutdown cornerback in every sense of the term. At the number one position is quite possibly the best card in terms of playmaking ability to start out the year. Not only can he keep up with speedy receivers downfield, he will completely ruin a number one wide receivers day by making him completely useless. Because more often than not, His great jumping and catching abilities also make him a nightmare to anybody that throws a jump-ball his way, it will end up in DRC’s hands, which in lots of cases could end up as a score. He is the ultimate cornerback, and defensive player at this time in the year. He is without a doubt the best playmaker in MUT, and the greatest defensive player in the game. Look for him on the auction house in Ultimate Team, or in the draft in MUT Draft to take away an entire side of the field.

Madden 18: 10 Most Promising Rookies in Enthusiast’s Eyes

We all love Madden rookies. They’re new, fresh players we all look forward to playing with in the game. With the 2017 NFL Draft just hours away, we’ve been doing our homework here at trying to determine what the rookie players might look like when Madden 18 comes out in August. Here’s our 10 most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Leonard Fournette RB
Fournette made the list of top rookies to look forward to in Madden 18, but that was before his impressive performance at the NFL Combine. Everyone already knows about Fournette’s size and power, but he also showed off his speed as he ran a 40 time of 4.51 seconds.
That said, if you like to use a power running attack on offense, then you should certainly enjoy Leonard Fournette after Madden 18’s release. Fournette’s size, speed, and power attributes should all make him one of the more interesting Madden 18 rookies.

John Ross WR
Ross will likely be one of the first rookies you go check out after Madden 18 comes out this August. His record breaking 4.22 second 40 yard dash likely makes him one of the fastest, if not the fastest, players in Madden 18.
We’ll have to wait and see on Ross’s actual catching and route running ratings, but his speed should be at least a 95, if not higher. His speed alone makes John Ross one of the most interesting rookies in Madden 18.

Mitchell Trubisky QB
Trubisky is a top rated quarterback prospect, and lately there’s been talk he might go first overall to the Cleveland Browns.
That said, Trubisky ran an amazing 40 yard dash for a quarterback of his size. Carson Wentz ran a similar 40 yard dash for a sizeable quarterback, and his speed rating is in the 80’s. Trubisky also displayed decent arm strength during his college career, and that should serve him well in the Madden 18 ratings.
Trubisky is certainly one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies, and he’ll likely be one of the first rookies you’ll want to go check out in August.

Deshaun Watson QB
Of course Deshaun Watson has to make the list of most interesting Madden 18 rookies. The speedy Watson promises to be a dual threat quarterback. If nothing else, Watson will be a popular choice for those of you who enjoy running quarterbacks who can move the pocket and make mid range throws.

Myles Garrett DE
Garrett is likely to be the number one overall draft pick in the 2017 draft. His speed coupled with his agility and pass rushing ability make him an intriguing player in next year’s Madden. Most number one draft picks start out rated somewhere in the 75-79 overall rating, unless they just have stellar preseason performances that warrant a higher overall.
When the game is released in August, Garrett will definitely be one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Jabrill Peppers LB
Jabrill Peppers is listed as a LB on the NFL draft boards across the league. But Peppers can play a wide range of positions and his college highlights resemble those of Tyrann Mathieu’s. Peppers also had an amazing combine where he ran well, and impressed scouts.
It is possible that Peppers falls out of the first round in the 2017 draft, which would likely have a negative impact on his initial overall rating in Madden 18. Regardless, Peppers popularity and playmaking ability will make him one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Dalvin Cook RB
Rookie running backs are typically some of the first players that Madden lovers go check out. Well, you’ll definitely want to go check out Dalvin Cook when Madden 18 comes out.
Cook has all the tools to be one of the most versatile backs in the league, and in Madden. He can catch, juke, and run with power. Dalvin Cook had an impressive combine, and showed a lot of power in the bench press as he threw up 225 lbs. 19 times overall. That’s incredibly impressive given Cook’s size and stature. All of this makes Cook one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Solomon Thomas DE
If you watched the bowl game between UNC and Stanford, then you saw the way Solomon Thomas can absolutely wreck a game for opposing offenses. Thomas is an absolute beast with strong power moves.
Solomon Thomas is likely to get drafted pretty high, and should the second DE off the board behind Garrett, so the ratings should be fairly comparable between the two. Given Thomas’s size, power, and ability to rush the passer, he should definitely be one of the most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Christian McCaffrey RB
“He is Madden ready,” Marshall Faulk said on NFL Network’s pre-draft coverage about Christian McCaffrey. And Faulk is likely to be dead on with that evaluation of the running back. McCaffrey’s catching ability will set him apart from Cook and Fournette when Madden 18 comes out this August.
McCaffrey is certain to be a first round pick in the draft, which will definitely mean good things for his overall rating. McCaffrey is a second generation player as his dad played wide receiver for the Broncos. All that together makes Christian McCaffrey one of the best prospects and most interesting Madden 18 rookies.

Mike Williams WR
Williams was a beast in college and caught 14 touchdowns last season for the Clemson Tigers. Mike Williams has the size, speed, range, and hands to be the best wide receiver in this year’s draft.
Williams should also be the first wide out taken off the board, and that will definitely translate into a solid Madden rating. When Madden comes out this August, Williams will definitely be one of the most interesting rookies that you’ll want to go check out right away. His abilities just scream “Madden Beast” for many years to come.
That just about does it for our 10 most interesting Madden 18 rookies. Certainly, these aren’t all of the top rookies we’re all excited to see in Madden. Any that you think we may have missed? As always, feel free to comment below.
Also, be sure to sign up to be a Madden School Unlimited member today. You’ll get instant access to all of our ebooks. Take advantage today and brush up on your Madden game before Madden 18 comes out this August.