Virtual Currency Puts ‘NBA 2K18′ at center of pay-for-play Gaming Controversy

Over the last six weeks, the video game industry has faced a revolt from both consumers and media. Tactics built into games to generate additional revenue have infringed on their designs to the extent that publishers are now facing intense pushback. The question is whether consumer unrest, lower review scores and negative press coverage will outweigh the money they’re pulling in at unprecedented rates.

“NBA 2K18″ is the lowest scored entry in the franchise in a decade based on review aggregator Metacritic. By all accounts, it’s a great game, except for the harmful effects that the implementation of the “Virtual Currency” has had on its design.

“NBA 2K18″ utilizes a universal currency which permeates throughout the game’s various modes. That currency is used to upgrade character skills, acquire boosts, purchase clothing and accessories and much more. Unfortunately, the game is now built in a manner to intentionally put players into positions where they will feel like they have to spend money to simply have fun or to have any chance at competing online.


It has been over a decade since the standard video game price rose to $60. In that time, however, development costs have skyrocketed, and sales numbers for most franchises have plateaued or dropped. The money made after releases has become almost as important as the initial sale. For mobile games, that’s all that matters, having gone “free-to-play.” Those games are given away with the hope money will be spent within them over time.

EA Sports has largely been able to avoid criticism of its digital-revenue strategy with franchises like “Madden” and “FIFA” by isolating microtransactions to a single mode. The team-building, card-collecting mode known as “Ultimate Team” has become the most heavily played in the games and now acts as a year-round live service. The money the company has made off Ultimate Team and its mobile titles continues to rise, and this year alone could near a billion dollars.

The effect from the current heavy scrutiny will be impossible to gauge for quite some time, though the release of “Star Wars: Battlefront II” next month could provide some insight when its launch is evaluated. A beta held earlier in October faced backlash over a loot crate system that provides considerable advantages for online multiplayer to those who spend money.

“NBA 2K18″ already had its predictably massive launch month, but poor word of mouth could affect its legs, and everyone will be watching closely for what changes have been made when “NBA 2K19″ rolls around.

The dilemma for video game publishers here is balancing the desire to make as much money as possible against consumer experience, and whether losing some unsatisfied potential customers is a sacrifice worth making given the financial results from those who continue to buy and spend within games. It’s only when the bottom line is at risk that publishers will reverse course and find another means of generating digital revenue, and it remains to be seen whether consumers will do more about it than just express their frustration online. would be the best choice to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins with cheap price & fast delivery. You will get more in the NBA 2K18 with the help the website!

NBA 2K18 Tips And Strategies For Building Your MyPlayer Without Buying VC

Virtual Currency, or VC as it is most commonly referred to amongst NBA 2K fans, has become one of the most discussed topics in the game’s community.

The MyCareer concept has been expanded into an open-world environment called The Neighborhood. Conceptually, it’s fantastic, but a few technical issues have kept the mode from reaching its potential.

In addition to the tech problems, that will more than likely be resolved in the next month, the other big issue is the mode’s dependency on VC. Some gamers are unhappy with the mode’s current dynamic.

The most lucrative task you can perform for VC is a MyCareer NBA game. You can earn well over 1,000 VC per game. As you can see, a regular season game with an A- rating rendered 722 VC. I had only 12 points and 7 rebounds in the game. A better stat line woulf have rendered more VC.

If you get a few NBA games under your belt you will not only acquire a good bank of VC to upgrade your player, you will also make significant strides toward the acquisition of the various badges in the game.

Simply playing regular NBA games progresses you towards the attainment of these signature skills. NBA 2K18 does a great job showing your progress after every task. That’s a welcomed addition that was missing from past versions, and most aren’t giving the development team enough credit for this useful inclusion.


You Should Be Playing MyLeague and MyGM

Aside from the fact that MyLeague is the best and most complete mode in the game, it’s also a great way to earn VC. MyLeague games played on Superstar level with 10 minute quarters earn 890 VC per game. You can earn VC while embarking on a journey that is completely different from the Player-Lock style experience in MyCareer.

Likewise, MyGM offers 690 VC per game with settings that mirror the MyLeague example. Simulating a portion of the game will decrease your VC payout, but you’ll still earn something for the task.

To my surprise, a regular Play Now game earned 850 VC. The Play Now Online function is supposed to be a decent option to earn VC, but unfortunately, that mode is currently broken. It hasn’t been awarding fans VC after wins.

I anticipate this will be fixed sometime soon, but until then I wouldn’t include it in my VC earning process. All of the aforementioned options give you an opportunity to earn VC without even entering The Neighborhood.

The key to building VC without spending cash is to have a plan of attack. I’ve come up with three strategies designed to fit different player profiles.

The Short-On Time Perfectionist

This is the guy or girl who only has about 2 hours per session to play. They don’t want to be embarrassed by gamers with players rated 80 or above while they’re struggling to make their 60-something character competitive in Pro-Am or The Playground.

When they show their face against the elite players in The Neighborhood, they want to be ready to hold their own. Here’s the best approach for the Short-on-Time Perfectionist:

• Start a MyLeague (You don’t have to go too deep with team or roster customization, just pick a team and start)
• Play on Superstar or Hall of Fame with 10 minute quarters (The challenge will be great, plus the scores and statistics will be realistic.)
• Play the first game on your schedule. Win or lose, you’ll earn 890 VC for your efforts
• Next, play a simple Play Now game with the same settings. Win or lose, you’ll earn 850 VC.
• Lastly, go into The Neighborhood, head to your MyCourt and shootaround for 10-15 minutes. As you sink jump shots, dunks and perform dribble moves, you’ll earn VC. The amount varies, but I earned 175 for my time.

NBA 2K18 The Funnest and Best Looking Basketball Game Available

The NBA 2K franchise is one of the best sports games around and 2K18 has ensured that trend continues for another year. Somehow, it has improved graphically and gameplay wise from its predecessor – even non-basketball fans will be able to appreciate this extremely polished game.

However, if you want to be really good at this game you will need some form of basketball intelligence. This is as realistic as sports games get, you need to know to make a pass and what type of pass is best. And as I mentioned earlier, this game is visually stunning. Not only does it play realistically but looks realistic too. Everything feels legitimate, from the crowd, to the commentary to even the hilarious half time interactions between Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal.


There’s also the MyTeam mode which allows you to build squads within your salary budget, using the fantasy-sports style to create a fun mode that also incorporates card trading and pack opening which is a concept familiar to FIFA Ultimate Team players. The only real let down in the entire game is MyCareer mode. The cheesy cutscenes and annoying characters means the mode is sadly difficult to sit through, especially as you can’t skip the horrendous cutscenes. MyCareer sees you create your own character in a typical rags to riches story you always see within the sports genre. You are able to customise the appearance of you character with new haircuts and clothes and even get some new sneakers from Foot Locker.

Yet the customisation options feel limited, especially to begin with. And that becomes even more noticeable when you walk around ‘My Neighbourhood’ seeing other online players’ created characters that all look similar. The career modes have always been a weakness of the franchise but 2K18 has still done well to take positive strides in the mode and My Neighbourhood is that big step. Walking around the streets give you plenty of options to play different types of basketball games, from intense 3v3 games to fun hoop-shooting mini-games at the arcade.

You walk around in an open world populated by the characters of other online players. You have free choice to do what you you want and look how you want, it feels like Journey mode from FIFA mixed with Sims. And while this sort of mode could prove to be revolutionary to sports games, this new addition understandably hasn’t been executed perfectly. The entire aim of the mode is to level up your character to 99 overall and the only way to do that is through grinding out matches and monotonous workout minigames at the gym.

The task is too tall for most unless you spend your hard-earned cash on in-game microtransactions due to how little experience you gain. Still, those and the career mode are optional. NBA 2K18 is still a phenomenal sports game that is well worth any basketball or general sports fan purchasing.

What A Fresh Look On NBA 2K18?

A New Engine

FIFA 17 looked really fresh thanks to the new Frostbite Engine and it seems that NBA 2K18 could use a similar facelift as well. Player and crowd movements just feel stale, so do the graphics and the animations.

There have been improvements in all of these departments, but they were not significant enough to warrant buying annual instances of the franchise, at least for the casual user.

NBA 2K enjoys a great following and complete lack of competition, so it’s understandable that 2K Games became a little bit lazy. A new engine would allow it to look even better.

Easier Trading For Superstars

In 2004 Vince Carter was traded to the New Jersey Nets for a sick Alonzo Mourning, Aaron Williams, Eric Williams and two first round picks. In 2013 the Nets were this time on the wrong side of the trade, as they got ageing Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce for five players and three first round picks.

Good luck recreating these trades in MyGM!
The problem with trading in this mode is that it is impossible to get one player for three, let alone two for five and some picks. Granted, during the course of the season you’re able to do some interesting trades, but every time you’ve got to sacrifice a superstar for a superstar. That’s not always the case in the NBA.

Fix The Difficulty Levels

How many of you have witnessed it before: at Pro you’re winning by 20 points, usually crashing your opponents in the fourth quarter, whereas at All-Star you’re getting trashed and turn off the game with no desire of ending it?

This needs a serious upgrade in all of sports games, as it is happening in FIFA as well – going from 5:0 to 0:2 when stepping up just one level is just ridiculous.

Of course you can edit sliders and fit the game to your level, but ultimately, that just feels like cheating. And please, do something with reaching fouls while we’re at it! Not every steal attempt must end with a call, you know?

Fix Face Scanning

With face scanning available with your cell phone, the process should be much easier than with the PS camera, but it turned out to be more of the same. Scanning still took way too long and the results were rather disappointing, as the face creation tended to jam at some point and the process needed to start again.

Maybe it would be better to go with the old “attaching-your-picture-to-the-template-face” method? This would allow for a less frustrating and time-consuming way of appearing in the game. The face doesn’t have to be ideal, making it similar is good enough.

Who should be on NBA 2K18 Cover

As basketball players gets to be on the cover of NBA 2K18. It is a prestigious moment for any basketball player as this video game series is one of the most sought-after basketball video games around the world. People can hardly control their excitement and have already started predicting who should be on the NBA 2K18 cover.

There are so many basketball players out there who deserve to be on the cover, but we will only know the result when it has been officially released by the company.

NBA 2K18

An American basketball player, Stephen Curry plays for the famous Golden State Warriors. He has been a part of NBA for a long time now and is said to be one of the best shooters in the history of NBA. He has even received the award for Most Valuable Player from 2015-16.

 NBA 2K18

NBA’s most forceful player, Kevin Durant plays the position of defender. He has been one of the best of his time and also won a gold medal in the Olympics.

 NBA 2K18

Playing for Los Angeles Clippers, he is said to be one of the best players in the NBA. He is great at making slam dunks and has won the Rookie of the Year title as well.

 NBA 2K18

Milwaukee Bucks considers itself lucky to have him on the team. He plays the position of guard and small forward. He knows how to handle the ball and is quick on his feet.

There are many other options for the NBA 2K18 cover, who are equally great players. These players are known for their agility and perfect shots at the basket. It would only be a dream for any of us to have a picture taken with these amazing athletes. The competition between all these players is strong and no matter who finally gets to be on the cover of the video game, it is safe to say that they will deserve this honor. We only have to wait just a while more before we know who has won.

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Gamer’s Expectation on NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 would be the 19th installation of the NBA 2K franchise, which is a basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. So far all versions have enjoyed high popularity. Every installment has something new to offer, That’s why people are always eager to find new features that will be brought to the new version of the table.

While NBA 2K18 is still a bit far off, People are already talking about what they want to do with the game.Before each release, people will make a list of their wishes and hope that some of the changes they recommend are chosen by the developer. Let’s take a look at some of the changes that people want to see in the Nineteenth Edition of the franchise.

NBA 2K18

Some enthusiastic fans have made some wishes. Let’s look at some of them.
One of the most common changes that people want to see is about MyLeague. We hope that the “tendency” to assess the requirements of the team, and according to the results of the game to make a change. This means that the CPU team should modify its roster with the firing propensity to be reassigned to the new first scorer. With this change, if a player explodes multiple times in a season, he should be given an increase in ratings along with tendencies, which would impact the chemistry of the team.

Another thing that players want is a better AI the CPU team managers, who are focused on increasing the OVR player rating.A team should be built on the coach’s attitude, that is, slow or fast speed, tight defense, ball, while focusing on the player’s synergies in the investment. It also shows that people are looking for a game script design tool features, in their view, they will make things more interesting.

The Campus Legends Pack in NBA 2K18

It’s really a good news for players that a new NBA 2K 18 my team pack has been brought to the market. Those packs were designed by some people who occupy an important positions in college.

Those university legends people are regarded as “school legend” who focused on getting into the nba at all costs. They are just standing on the ground and waiting for being chooses by nba authority. This mode is quite different from the collection that  has been introduced previously in NBA 2K18 .

In line with the standard site, the special group started with the Amethyst players. There are four Amethyst players for sale in the collection. Shane Battier is certainly one of high potential participant with 92 total ranking. And you can find Jahlil Okafor who both have a 91 rating and Doug McDermott.

NBA 2K18

Campus Legends participants are actually obtainable in MyTEAM! This set is unlike any we’ve unveiled in 2013 for the reason that we scored the players according to their maximum potential entering the NBA, and put them around the squads they were originally written by. Each player in this set was a “Campus Legend”—a participant with high potential getting into the league. How would a few of these players cost in today’s NBA? What could change from as soon as these were picked? Today, you manage their destiny .

NBA 2K18

The Campus Legends collection contains people from all five jobs and a nice number of skillsets—Bill Walton’s fantastic passing, rebounding, and scoring from your Center place and 97 Total rating leap out, and we noticed the community’s demands and included a Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, with a 97 Total status of their own. Jimmer Fredette is known for his “Jimmer Range” from beyond the arc, and participants like Amethyst Shane Battier and Ruby Trey Burke will soon be ideal for many competitors.

NBA 2K18

Jay Williams was a popular of numerous users at the start of the season, now gets a card showcasing his raging pace while Amethyst price will be provided by Doug McDermott as being a shooter and total scorer and finishing skills. You’ll find something in all these cards to aid your team.

What’ more, team USA Christian laettner will be considered as a big reward for you and you can unlock it to find surprise, while you are gathering every campus legends participant. There are few best cards which can be found through recreation, one of them is the team USA cards. in addition, laettner allows you to keep searching the white stone team USA Charles Barkley if you want.

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