Nexomon is very similar to Pokemon games

Pokemon Go was the first look at a Pokemon game for many people across the world, but hardcore fans will tell you that it’s very far from the best Pokemon experience out there. However, all of the games that Pokemon fans love are only available on Nintendo consoles, which aren’t officially available in many parts of the world. A mainline Pokemon game, such as Pokemon Sun and Moon, or Pokemon X and Y, isn’t going to be coming to smartphones anytime soon, but iOS users now have something that comes close.

That’s Nexomon – a game where you catch monsters called Nexomon, and one of the goals is to catch all 302 of them to fill your database. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That feeling of deja vu will follow you throughout the game as you venture into the bushes to catch Nexomon and battle “Overseers” of various towns in gyms.

Of course, as every Pokémon player knows and remembers, battles with other trainers, or, tamers in this case, is an absolute must. So, catching wild creatures, battling other people and chasing down a major villain who has a plan of taking over the world with said monsters – this game ticks all the boxes that will definitely satisfy your Pokémon smartphone needs. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Nexomon Accounts at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

The gameplay revolves around the turn-based Nexomon battles. Pokémon fans know how these battles work, but just in case there are some of you out there who’ve never played a Pokémon game before, let us explain to you how these battles go down. You’ve got a team of up to six different Nexomon, as does your opponent. You take turns in attacking, and each type of Nexomon has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, grass type is weak against fire, fire is weak against water etc.

The game has some interesting side characters as well such as the robot Atlas who helps you out throughout your journey. The writers also have a good sense of humour as you’ll find out when you reach various towns in the game and encounter the bad guys, particularly some of the Overseers who appear to be parodies of various facets of pop culture.

Nexomon battles are fairly simple. You pit your Nexomon against the other person’s Nexomon and they battle each other. As you keep battling your Nexomon level up and unlock more attacks. A level 2 Saxia, for example, may have only one attack but a level 10 Saxia will have four attacks including two that deal big damage. When you win battles your Nexomon level up and you’ll find it easier to take down stronger rivals.