The best way to increase power in Rise of Kingdoms

These are the basic tips on how to power up faster in Rise of Kingdoms, doable even without spending a dime. The more you play, the further understanding you will earn. This guide is among the things you can do to obtain a powerful City even in just a week!

Since the best way to increase power is through buildings or researches that provides the best rate of power over total number of minutes it take, we can further improve this rate by using speedups. There are 4 types of Speedups you can use to help you increase power in Rise Of Kingdoms: Building, Research, Training and Healing Speed-ups.
Hospitals in Rise of Kingdoms are not just for the healing of troops but also give lots of power to your City as part of the Building Power Equation. Always keep in mind to have all four of your hospitals maxed out with your City Hall for additional power. The higher the Hospital levels are, the lesser you lose troops in Wars. If the wounded troops exceed the Hospital Capacity, troops will die and decrease your Troop Power. Buy Cheap Rise of Kingdoms RSS via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

Gathering resources is key for upgrading or building your city faster. In the game, it is fairly easy to mine resouces around the map. Just bring out mining-beneficial commanders with Siege Weapons to be able to carry more resources. There are lots of resource mines on the map that you can gather for 50 minutes and get 100K+ resources you selected.

Take time to assess on which you should go first: increasing Building Power or increasing Technology Power. You can view the amount of power increase you can get and the time it takes when building, upgrading or researching. Checking out how much power you can get with respect to the total minutes it takes to finish a building or research is ideal. It gives you a much better perspective on which to focus first considering the amount of resources you have. Prioritize first on the ones with the best rate of power increase per minute. You can easily do that by dividing the total power you can get over the total minutes required to finish the building, upgrade or research. Once you have the numbers, rank them. That way, you’ll know which ones to choose first and which ones to choose last.