Rocket League will change how upgrades and rewards work next month

Rocket League will change how upgrades and rewards work next month when Crates are replaced by Blueprints. Paid Crates are on their way out, and Blueprints will use a new premium currency, Credits (which are replacing Keys). Blueprints will let you see exactly what they’re going to build, so it’s always clear what you’re getting for your money. This will take some of the randomness out of the loot game in Rocket League.

You get a chance to win Blueprints after Online Matches, and you can build items by spending Credits, trade them to someone else, or keep them for later. Existing Crates will be converted to Blueprints after the update, although they’ll be ‘unrevealed’, with players able to unlock them for no cost to show what item is included.

Revealed Blueprints and items built from them can be traded, as will free drops and tradable items before the system comes in. Unrevealed Blueprints aren’t tradable though. Credits can be traded too, as long as the other party in the trade doesn’t include their own Credits, as can event items and Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers.That said, you can’t trade Credits for Credits, nor can you trade Credits for nothing, and you can’t trade items from the Item Shop, Bonus Gifts and items from them, or Esports Shop items. And if you want to Buy Rocket League Items, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Decryptor Keys used to unlock Crates will no longer be a part of the game. If you have any Decryptors, they will be converted into “Bonus Gifts” which can be opened for free. Bonus Gifts will contain items from the Vindicator Crate series and the first Blueprint Series, the “Revival” Series. The Revival Series will contain fan-favourite items throughout Rocket League’s history.

As before, Psyonix thinks the new system is fairer to players while still allowing it to monetize its game. Loot boxes have for a couple of years now been a major source of controversy since many of them don’t reveal what’s inside.

NRG win Rocket League Season 8 World Championship

Season 8 of the Rocket League Championship Series is officially complete, as 2019 ends with a spectacular showing of the best rocket-propelled soccer car players in the world.Twelve teams arrived to Madrid with championships aspirations. The top four from Europe, the top four from North America, the top two from Oceania, and the top two from South America were invited to Madrid to compete.

The top two teams from both the European and North American regions received byes to the semifinals of their respective group stages, and both bye teams in group B in Team Reciprocity and Pittsburgh Knights ended up on the wrong side of upsets on day one. Both those teams met in the Losers’ Final, with the Knights sending Reciprocity home.

Dignitas’ magical run was the story of the tournament. The lowest seed from Europe finished at the top of group B, earning a playoff semifinal slot. Their series against defending champions Renault Vitality was an incredible seven-series, where they eventually fell in a devastatingly close affair. By the way, you can buy cheap Rocket League wheels from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

Grand Finals began with NRG taking an early series lead with a 4-1 victory. This would be the only game not decided by a single goal. Vitality went on to win the next two games, barely managing to hold a lead in both. Wanting to get to championship point, Vitality played aggressively in Game Four. But the game went to overtime where NRG scored a goal to equalize the series.

The final game went to Overtime, but it didn’t last long. After Turbopolsa blew up Alexandre “Kaydop” Courant, the path to the goal was clear and jstn knocked in the championship-winning goal. The ball just narrowly got around Scrub Killa, to give the Season 8 World Championship to NRG Esports and deny a repeat for Renault Vitality.

Season 8 is now finished and many more great seasons surely await in the future. Rocket League continues to provide some of the most exciting and passionate moments that esports has to offer, and there’s no better time to take notice.