Tap Titans 2 as received zealous respose for the gamers throughout the world

Tap Titans 2 is the 2nd genre of original game “Tap Titan” that has received zealous respose for the gamers throughout the world. It has been released on Android and IOS platforms. We are going to give you a concise description of the game that is especially meant for those who haven’t played this game ever before.

It’s good looking, it’s got lots of tapping, and while there’s not much else to it than that, that’s sort of the point with these games.

The game is the latest in a pretty long line of tap battlers. You’re a spiky haired hero with a big sword. Mash the screen and you’ll swing said sword, dealing damage to the big bads in front of you.The deeper you get in, the tougher everything gets. Dead enemies drop gold, which you can use to strengthen your hero and hire allies.

You can activate skills by tapping on their icon at the bottom, but you have to remember that the use of a skill consumes mana. The maximum amount of mana you can have is limited, and each skill consumes a fixed amount. Luckily, mana will regenerate over time, and you can also get extra mana from the fairy.

The main game play loop is the prestige system, which isn’t really unique to this game. You go through titans, each “stage” having a boss. They get ran through pretty quickly. From this you get gold, buy upgrades, hire followers, gain power, and eventually prestige. Prestiging lets you buy and power up artifacts, as well as gaining skill points. The skill points and artifacts you keep when you prestige, otherwise, everything else is reset to zero and you continue again – trying to push further and further each time. It’s essentially the gearing and power creep of an RPG without any of the story or game play. There are tournaments twice per week that last 24 hours, the highest stage achieved at the end wins.

The layout of the game is quite similar to its predecessor. You have the main character as your hero that stands in the center of the screen and this hero is also the major tapping damage source that inflicts severe damage on the enemy. Moreover, the characters on your sides (both left and right) contribute towards your DPS (Damage per second). Those players who find tapping hard will not be very comfortable during the early stages of the game. Want to know why? It is because the heroes DPS is pretty deplorable in the beginning. So the only way to get through this hard situation is to tap with Fire Sword Active.

Once you’re into the rhythm of things, time passes pretty quickly. You might get some funny looks playing this one on the bus, since you’ll be frantically hammering your screen. My iPad fell on the floor at least once.

But then this is a game designed to get on with it when you’re not there. Put it down for a while and you’ll end up with a huge chunk of cash to spend on making your soldiers stronger.

Graphics and animations are not the only important part of a game, as music and sound effects are also crucial to create an atmosphere. While playing the game, you can listen to an epic soundtrack, and if you perform any attack, you can hear unique sound effects.

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