World of Tanks dev has officially opened a new UK studio

World of Tanks and World of Warships publisher Wargaming has multiple studios around the world, and now the company has opened one more to add to the list. The ribbon has been cut on Wargaming UK, which will be working on something totally different to the rest of the company.

Wargaming has hinted the new project will be nothing like its existing portfolio of hardcore simulation titles. Instead, it wants to make a game more palatable to Western audiences. The new project will still be a free-to-play multiplayer action game, based on a new IP, which Wargaming wants to continue making “forever” – but there are no more hints forthcoming.

The new Guildford-based studio is currently staffed by a veteran team of 60 or so developers who are working on a brand-new IP. They’re set to expand even further, too, with Studio Head Sean Decker looking to double in number over the next year. If you want to Buy World of Tanks Gold, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Wargaming currently operates from 15 different offices worldwide. Its biggest hit is the MMO World of Tanks, but it’s been making efforts to expand its operations. It has established two publishing labels, rebooted the classic strategy franchise Masters of Orion through its WG Labs platform and even branched into casual gaming through a partnership with Melsoft.

In May this year, Wargaming closed its Seattle Studio (previously Gas Powered Games, which it acquired in 2013) as part of a global restructure. That studio was also working on an unannounced MMO.