Pavlov VR Update offers a lot of content for the World War II scene

The VR Shooter Pavlov VR is getting a major update that introduces character models WWII weapons as well as maps to the game. The new update also brings multiplayer tanks that now allow players to deploy some blitzkrieg to their gameplay. Pavlov VR is a VR shooter that is currently in Early Access for PC VR headsets.

The free update is now live and includes weapons from both the Axis and Allied powers including Germany Britain the US and the USSR. In total the update brings 18 new guns six grenade variations and three rocket launchers to the game.

One of the biggest parts of the update is undoubtedly the new multi-crew tanks. Each tank includes three spots which service a driver gunner and commander.

With the new update Pavlov could erode many players from the Medal of Honor (test) multiplayer in the long term: Pavlov is much cheaper has better mechanics more weapons and now also vehicles.

Medal of Honor offers the better and more cards – but thanks to the workshop support from Pavlov this lead will quickly melt away. There are already 13 cards there that support the WW2 update. More will follow including the classic cards from the old Call of Duty and Medal of Honor titles (background) some of which made it into the workshop years ago.

Pavlov VR’s tanks fit three players inside to drive and man the guns and arrive alongside a new mode called Tank TDM. This is a 10 vs 10 game mode designed for large maps and there’s a new Stalingrad level ready to go. Of course there is. The mode also adds a special class of players who have blowtortches with which to repair the tanks in case you ever yearned to do some VR welding. It all looks a lot more polished than de_jeepathon2k.

The developers Vankrupt Games have described the new tank mode as a “special class that will spawn with a blowtorch in the player’s utility for Tank repairs. To repair a tank players will need to activate the gas by pressing a trigger found on the black knob and make contact with the flame to the tank in order to weld the repairs.

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