Demonstrate the screen in group VKontakte calls that now 4K resolution is supported

Globally, the undisputed master of social networks is the Facebook platform. Yet it is far from being the most popular in Russia, where another national network is preferred: Vkontakte.

Social network VKontakte announced a new content sharing function during group video calls, which will allow the screen to be displayed in 4K resolution. Thanks to the new function, users will be able to view the materials presented in the highest possible quality.

It is possible to demonstrate the screen in group VKontakte calls from 2020, but now 4K resolution is supported.

The function is available to all users free of charge. Now users of the VK application for iOS can take advantage of the innovation. Subsequently, it will be launched on other VKontakte platforms and other Group products that use the technology of single calls. The maximum quality of the so-called screensharing will be limited by the capabilities of the user’s device.
Up to 128 people can participate in VKontakte group calls. The very high resolution screen sharing will allow them to discuss work projects, submit reports and more. For online educational events, the new function will allow for a more visual presentation of educational material. In addition, with screen sharing, users will be able to show photos and videos to colleagues and friends during a conversation.

Vkontakte just like Facebook or any other social network, allows you to publish and share content. You can communicate with other people, search in several categories such as friends, groups, music but also play games.

But what makes Vkontakte great for users is being able to add audio files and listen to music for free as well as watch full movies, for free (although both are, for the most part , hacked).

Anna Artamonova, Vice President for Ecosystem Products Group:

A single account is an important link in the VK ecosystem. Our task is to link all our services with a single account and make the movement between them seamless and as user-friendly as possible. Also, within the framework of a single account, it is much easier and more logical to accumulate the data entered by the user, which may be useful to him on different projects, his settings, preferences and much more.

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