EVE Echoes finally come to Android on August 13

EVE Echoes InterStellar Kredits EVE Echoes is a next-generation sandbox MMO game for mobile devices based on the award-winning MMORPG sci-fi game EVE Online. With a vast persistent universe of over 8,000 solar systems players are free to choose their own path from countless options experience space exploration immense PvP and PvE battles mining trading industry and a sophisticated player economy on the box. multiplayer arena of New Eden.

EVE Echoes has been the subject of long months of testing (the feedback from the testers was rather positive) and the studios CCP Games and NetEase have finally stopped the release date of the MMO set for August 13 on the AppStore and Google Play – until then pre-registrations will remain open on the official website and as usual the more pre-registered the more bonuses the early players will share (the three million mark was passed a few weeks ago that of the four million seems attainable by the release).

For the company to appear again and announce the postponement ofEVE Online Mobile ISK for sale the launch of its game next August and the reason was related to the Corona pandemic may God bless us all from it and the company has kept its promises as it has now officially announced the launch of the EVE Echoes game on August 13th.

Visit the Apple App Store and Google Play store and search for EVE Echoes to sign up and be notified when this exciting mobile MMORPG launches in August.

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