Marouane Fellaini objective tasks, deadline, and card review for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 announces their latest addition to the Rulebreakers promotion in Ultimate Team with the release of Team 2 of the promo. Marouane Fellaini, the Belgian midfielder representing Shandong Taishan FC (China), is available as an objective reward in the form of a Rulebreakers card.

Fellaini Rulebreakers’ stats in play. He has three skill stars and a bad leg, average / average work rate, “tall and strong” body type, is 194 tall and right handed.

Rulebreakers has been a positive release among fans considering the promotional items in packs, the Squad Building Challenges and objective items. The latter was relatively lacking until EA Sports dropped a Fellaini objective set. Rulebreakers is an opportunity for EA Sports to turn lower rated players into meta items. Such is the case with this Rulebreakers Fellaini objective set.

FIFA 22: How to complete Rulebreakers Fellaini Objectives challenge

The objectives are as follows:

Breaking Out – Score a goal during seven seperate matches in the Live Fut Friendly: Break Out! (Reward – 75+ Rated Rare Player (Untradeable))
Forceful Assists – Assist four goals using players with Min. 75 PHY in the Live FUT Friendly: Break Out! (Reward – Two Players Pack (Untradeable))
Midfield Finishers – Score three goals using Midfielders in the Live FUT Friendly: Break Out! (Reward – Gold Pack (Untradeable))
Belgian Blend – Win four matches while having Min. one player from Belgium within your starting squard in the Live FUT Friendly: Break Out! (Reward – Small Electrum Players Pack ((Untradeable))

To earn Fellaini’s newly-released Rulebreaker card, FUT players have to complete a set of 4 objectives. They have three days left to achieve their goals at the time of writing, giving them time until November 11 to obtain this untradeable card.

Completing each objective will award players packs and some needed experience toward completing the Season 1 pass. Fellaini is pretty difficult to link outside of Belgian players considering he plays in the Chinese FA Super League. But, if you have the necessary links, this is a nice item to add to your collections for free.

However, the player’s least impressive stats in passing (77) is not bad compared to his FIFA 22 counterparts in central midfield. Fellaini’s playstyle isn’t reliant on his low attributes in FK accuracy (51) and crossing (67) either.

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