NCsoft West confirms the launch of Aion Classic on the North American continent

After a few days of teasing, NCsoft West confirms the launch of Aion Classic on the North American continent, starting June 23. The game will be distributed free-to-play, with optional subscription and Battle Pass.

The official site is now available with Founder’s Packs, and players will notice right away that this is going to have a free payment option and a subbase as well as a battle pass; you’ll be able to purchase Siel’s Aura with cash and pickup passes in 3, 30, 90, and 365 day increments, while the free option is basically to sign up for a much slower experience. .

Aion Classic will be free but will offer a subscription option as well as a battle pass. The pre-order Founder’s Packs are available now for $ 20 and $ 50.

Back during the early stages of the game, back during version 1 through 2 Aion was generally considered to be one of the best MMORPGs on the market.

It had amazing PvE content and even better PvP content. Meshed together, it had some of the best PvPvE content on the market – but after it proved to be rather unsuccessful as a pay-to-play subscription based game, having to compete with the likes of WoW, they opted to make drastic changes to better support their pay-to-win free-to-play business model.

We note that NCsoft specifically refers to this as a “in the Americas” launch, so we assume that NCsoft will deal with both North America and South America here. However, Europe is not mentioned, probably because Aion is licensed to Gameforge there. We don’t yet know when or if it will launch in Europe, although that seems inevitable given the quality Aion Classique has already played in South Korea.

What is the service version?
The Aion Classic content we are featuring is based on the original 1.0 update. This server offers PvE content up to level 50 as well as rift and fortress battles for PvP.

However, many players encountered difficulty in the Home Aion due to the high EXP required to progress. These issues have been fixed in Classic and adjustments have been made so that the highest level can be reached in a shorter amount of time.

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